Looking ahead to Spring

I began to really look ahead this past week to the upcoming spring season. Things on the farm are going to be busy, not that its a change, just something else to plan for.

This week a friend helped me unload hay. Good friends are priceless. While I was nervous about running The Alice by myself, no better time like the present to learn, but I called a friend in case I had trouble. The only hitch I had was dropping a bale, having to restab it and take it the rest of the way into the field. My friend was nice enough to be a second pair of eyes and help me restab the bale in the appropriate place to stay on the stabber, as well as push the 2nd bale to be fed back where I was able to stab it.

He officially gave me his seal of approval to be feeding the hay on my own, meaning that I was fully capapble of running The Alice by myself. Probably sounds stupid to many of you, but confidence has always been a weak point for me.

Upon feeding the round bales, and learning more about operating The Alice, allowed me to think ahead further to making hay this summer. I should be able to do much more this year than last year since I am more able to run the tractor. While each implement is different, understanding the tractor is a big part of it.

I have said all of that to say that this spring and summer I have the opportunity to grow as an individual. I hope to take as much advantage of it as I can. Safety is important which is why I have been learning as much about the tractor and implements as possible. I was able to run The Alice and the spreader last weekend. Little things, one day at a time are leading me to be more indepenent.

This spring is going to bring several new challenges and I am looking forward to all of them! I have been doing research about gardening, garden fence and hatching chicks. Going to be a lot to do, but I think each task and job will be worth the work. Hoping to continue making memories with family and friends and learning about how things work everyday. I do not plan to let an opportunity pass to make memories or learn about something new.

Making Progress on Me

I wrote a few days ago of the New Year’s Resolution that I made this year. Each day is another chance to improve myself and another chance to have a better day.

I have been making it a point to spend time in my Bible. I am not going to lie, I do much better some weeks than others, but that is ok, God knows my heart. I downloaded a Bible reading plan in the Bible app on my tablet. The tablet that I spend time on everyday, so that it would be in front of me. Keeping things in front of me helps to keep me focused.

Growing in my relationship with God is my primary goal this year, even though I have several others. Including the classic eating better and trying to drop a few pounds. I have been doing better about my eating choices and even drinking water. My friends and family know how much I like water, hahahaha. Progress is progress, and I am taking it one day at a time.

When I was younger, in the girls group at our church, we did a unit called Attitude is Everything, and I have learned especially in the past couple days that is indeed true. Everyday we choose to have a good attitude despite our circumstances or events that day. We are the only one that control our mindset and choose to have a positive outlook. Yesterday was an awesome day. Not because of anything other than I chose to be in a good mood and keep my mind on the positives of the day.

I was called a cheer leader last week. Not in the sense of high kicks and pom poms, but because I was encouraging and supportive. That is the best way to make a difference to others. You never know what a person is battling, and it is definitely not my job to judge or hold their circumstances against them. I only have a small window to brighten their day. I would not be able to accomplish that if I did not stay positive myself.

God wants me to encourage and help others, and He gives me the joy to invest into their lives. I can’t say that I get to have the same affect on every person that I pass in the day, but I can make it a point to try. Many times, a smiling face, or a listening ear is all it takes to turn someone’s day around. That is what my job is right now.

Hopefully you have the opportunity to be on both ends of this scale today!

Spring in January

The weather has been interesting in Ohio the past few days, with more on the way. Anyone that’s seen the news has seen the above normal temperatures and the rain. I am not complaining about no now for sure! With the warmer weather, certain chores are more easily done.

This time of year, hauling and unloading hay are weekly duties. The Alice really made the chore easier last night. The hay spear my dad redesigned worked amazing well even lifting the large round bales out of the truck bed. The process went so smoothly, I get the opportunity to try running The Alice next week to feed hay!

Once or twice a month, depending on how the weeks fall, I have to bring in a load of feed which I order from our local elevator. Yesterday was the day. Now the feed bin in the barn for the horses and also the barrel for the chickens are ready for another few weeks.

The day today was absolutely gorgeous! Way too nice to spend inside and since I got the barn trash cleaned up yesterday, today came stripping stalls clean. It felt like spring!

When I stopped at the nearby farm store to pick up a new bulb for the chicken light and a few other odds and ends, I noticed the seed displays are starting to come out. It made me want to purchase seeds and get started, however It is a little early yet.

The odd weather makes me wonder if spring will come on time this year? Whether it does or not, I was grateful for the nice weather the past couple days to get the chores caught up. Spring is just around the corner and I am looking forward to starting new projects!


January 1st, I got to listen to one of the most memorable sermons I have heard in awhile. Several really good points were made, and I was encouraged and challenged both as I begin 2017.

Many times we make resolutions that we cannot or do not keep. I am as guilty of this as anyone! Eating healthier and exercising more seem to be on my mind almost constantly, resolution or not. I usually do better for a week or two, but then same old habits resurface.

I am all about self improvement, including my attitude, working toward my goals, and sometimes even stepping out of my comfortable box. This year the resolution our assistant pastor talked of was something very reachable, very doable and very meaningful.

He suggested making our only resolution, to be closer to God January 1, 2018 than we were today. I took that as a challenge to myself, to work on my relationship with Him. I have noticed my relationship with Him changing over past years, but I think this year will be different still.

2017 has barely started and already I feel as though I have been tested in new and different ways. Honestly, I have already failed at least one or two of the tests He has given me. However, I hold on to the fact that He is still working on me! Preparing me for what He has next, equipping me with the tools and strength I need to do the next job He has for me.

Life is an interesting ride, and I honestly have no idea what is on the horizon for 2017. Talking with one of my co-workers was so encouraging as she told me what God has done for her and shown her. I think it will be a good year ahead, full of victories, promises, blessings, and hope.

Wishing you all a great 2017!