About the Horse Girl

The girl behind this blog is a horse girl from southern Ohio. She enjoys riding and racing her horses, working with kids on horsemanship and communicating with their horse, and improving the farm. She likes to tackle projects and is an avid DIYer with a wild imagination and enough motivation to make things happen, even if it takes time.

Horse Girl has ridden horses for 16 years and enjoys having them everyday. She has a passion for livestock and takes pride in caring for them and keeping them happy and healthy.

This blog is a place for Horse Girl to share her thoughts, projects, advice on projects incase someone else decides to try it for themself! Everyone knows things make a project easier or more difficult and the hope is to make it easier if someone else decids to try it.

Horse Girl hopes you enjoy reading this blog and is open to any comments or feedback you might have for her. In her spare time she is starting to write a book and any feedback is helpful! Enjoy reading!

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