Spring in January

The weather has been interesting in Ohio the past few days, with more on the way. Anyone that’s seen the news has seen the above normal temperatures and the rain. I am not complaining about no now for sure! With the warmer weather, certain chores are more easily done.

This time of year, hauling and unloading hay are weekly duties. The Alice really made the chore easier last night. The hay spear my dad redesigned worked amazing well even lifting the large round bales out of the truck bed. The process went so smoothly, I get the opportunity to try running The Alice next week to feed hay!

Once or twice a month, depending on how the weeks fall, I have to bring in a load of feed which I order from our local elevator. Yesterday was the day. Now the feed bin in the barn for the horses and also the barrel for the chickens are ready for another few weeks.

The day today was absolutely gorgeous! Way too nice to spend inside and since I got the barn trash cleaned up yesterday, today came stripping stalls clean. It felt like spring!

When I stopped at the nearby farm store to pick up a new bulb for the chicken light and a few other odds and ends, I noticed the seed displays are starting to come out. It made me want to purchase seeds and get started, however It is a little early yet.

The odd weather makes me wonder if spring will come on time this year? Whether it does or not, I was grateful for the nice weather the past couple days to get the chores caught up. Spring is just around the corner and I am looking forward to starting new projects!


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