First Chilly Day This Season

Almost all the leaves are gone now, and with it they have taken most of the warmer sunny weather. Today was sunny, but this morning was quite chilly and a brisk afternoon led me to staying inside my sweatshirt most of the afternoon.

I have posted before about my chickens and even how my waterer for them was designed and built. The PVC system I have been using works well, but as winter approaches, I had a new problem. I had to find a way to keep it thawed. Last winter I could not and resorted to a hanging 5 galon bucket with a flower pot heater underneath it. This was very messy and not something I plan to repeat. So, I started researching.

Mr. T suggested using an aquarium heater. What a great idea! I ordered 2 and had them ready to go, until I did more research and heard about them exploding inside the waterer. I also read about them shorting out and shocking the chickens. Last thing I want is for one of my birds to get socked, so I did more research. I cannot be the only one out there with this type of waterer.

My search led me to a $40 heater designed specifically for the water system I have. Fantastic! Shipping it to me took the total to more than $50, and I had to pass on that for a 1 year warranty.

Yesterday I picked up some heat tape and some insulation and wrapped the pipes well. Reattached it to the wall of the coop today and fired it up. Seemed to be working when I brought them in for the night. I will check it tomorrow morning and see how it is faring.

The plan is to work more on the lean to tomorrow, hoping we can make a lot of progress with getting it up. Winter is coming and I hope I am ready. Things are getting done and being marked off the list a little at a time, day by day. Each day brings new challenges and learning new things.

I was asked not too long ago what I wanted to be when I grow up, and I thought for a moment. I decided I think I will be a farmer, because a farmer fixes whatever life hands him that day. He has to shoulder livestock, equipment, machinery, carpentry, plumbing, sometimes even electrical and vet work. One farmer wears many hats in a single day, and he meets life head on regardless of what it brings him next. I think farmers are people to be looked up to and learned from. Maybe one will inspire you!