Getting Back To Writing

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, more so than usual if you can believe it. I try to steer clear of posting new blogs when my thoughts are so scattered, thank you to those that have stuck it out with me despite those couple I posted in the past that are all over the place, but today I feel like writing for the first time in a while.

Those of you who were with me last year, have seen numerous posts about my Bullet Journal. I have been doing ‘Morning Pages’ religiously and cannot believe the difference! My sister even commented the other day when I was up tight and all over the place, she asked me have you written today? When I honestly answered no, she told me maybe I should. If you are interested or curious about Morning Pages, I encourage you to read my previous blog, and maybe even do your own search on Pinterest or Google. I have reserved the book from the library where that idea originally came from and I hope to get more information when I finally get to read it.

My journal has become very very helpful, and I have also noticed that collecting pens may very well be my new hobby. I ordered a pen last week, thanks again to my sister for her help, and I was looking at more this morning, but decided one frivolous expenditure was enough for February. I have found layouts and spreads that work for me, and help me not only to stay organized and prioritize my tasks, but it keeps me productive and gives me one common place for all my important information. When I write things down in that book, I no longer worry about where to find them.

While I enjoy scrolling though artsy spreads and fancy pages, I know that for me that is not functional. Functionality should be my middle name, because practical and functional are my main goals in life. Art and flair is not something I value in my journal. As with many other things in my life I prefer plain and practical. My pages take me a few minutes, no more, to create and prepare for the week or month, and I leave it at that. I use a couple simple colors each month, and a super simple theme and I call it good. Maybe when I become a little more tech savvy I will be able to include pages from my journal itself to show you, but until then, hopefully my words are enough to encourage you.

Stay tuned as spring time is approaching and things will be starting for the season on the farm!

Morning Pages

I was scrolling through Pinterist on a rainy day this week, and I have notice the term ‘Morning Pages’ on several posts in Bullet Journal Facebook groups I have joined and also Pinterist pages. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to see what this was about.

I have struggled with anxiety for many years, and I noticed that Morning Pages were listed under self care categories across the board. So I started digging deeper and doing more research. I was not disappointed.

I found a good article, and I apologize to the original author I cannot remember where I found it, but it suggested snagging a journal of some kind, and writing 3 pages in the morning. Ok, so what do I write about? was the first question I asked upon reading that. Write about anything that comes to mind. Whatever thoughts cross your mind, let them flow right onto the page in front of you.

This is supposed to act as an outlet and give your nagging thoughts somewhere to go. The author hit really hard on 3 pages. Even if you do not feel like it, write 3 pages. These pages, this journal, is not to be ready by anyone, even yourself, unless it is several months down the road. The goal of this exercise is to let your thoughts run free, unhibited with worry about what someone else thinks.

The day after I read this article, I stopped and got a brand new composition book and picked up yet another pack of pens, comfortable smooth writing ones that were not expensive. I think I may have the start of a pen addiction! And then I wrote. I let my thoughts flow freely, and I surprised myself when I filled up my 3 pages much quicker than I expected.

I am going to try this for the month of June, and see if it helps with my stress or anxiety any at all. There very well may be something to this, only time will tell. When I have journaled before it has helped with my anxiety, but this is the first time I have attempted something quite like this. I would have included these pages in my Bullet Journal, but I did not want to use it up on pages I could not share, because I have shared several speads with friends and coworkers.

Stay tuned for updates on how this goes!