Almost everyday things that happen at work, surprise and inspire me! I was going to share this yesterday, and got too busy doing other things.

Yesterday a guy and lady came into the shop, they were from different churches and explained to my coworker and I that they wanted to bless people today by buying their donuts. So my coworker and I waited on customers, and these compassionate people stepped in front of them and paid their bill before they even had a chance to offer payment. What amazed me about both of them, they never a single time put a limit on those they bought donuts for even encouraging them to get more!

I do not even know how many donuts or how many customers they blessed. I lost track very early on. The beauty of it was, there was no need to keep track, of the money they spent or the number of people they helped. They did not put a limit on their giving, asI am guilty myself of doing.

The best part was when the gentleman asked about a specific problem, one of my coworkers had been dealing with, a coworker that was not even working at the time he was in the shop. He let the Holy Spirit use him to touch not only the other customers, but even my coworker! God is so good!!

When I recounted my conversatoin with my coworker later when she came in, she admitted that the knee trouble that had been mentioned had not bothered her that day!! It was a wonderful moment! The spirit was with us even in the donut shop for a few minutes!

God reminded me of several things yesterday. First, that He wants our compassion and generosity to be given freely and without reservation. I struggle with this myself everyday…. everyday! Second, that it is absolutely amasing how bright a little light shines in a dark place. Truthfully I am not sure how many that come into the shop are Christians, or other religions. Many come in tired, almost weary from their daily struggles. So many faces were brightened, and many many days were made, not to mention lives touched by those 2 that came into the shop. Their generosity extended further than just the customers they interacted with. Several of the orders that went out were going to schools or workplaces. These locations also got to see their work.

I was so blessed and inspired by these two. My challenge to myself for the next few days is to not only brighten others’ day, but to have compassion and generosity for others throught the day. I challenge you to do the same!

Simple Cassette Player

My coworker and I work many hours every week together. We love to turn the radio on and jam to pass the time as well as entertain the customers and each others. We even have regular customers that come in just to see what we are up to!

I am what most could consider old school especially considering my age. I am a sucker for country music, especially classic country from the 70s-90s. The radio stations locally play mostly the new hits and she was telling me about her collections of classic country music, including but not limited The Judds, George Jones, Conway Twitty the list goes on. She was telling me that she did not have a cassette player any longer to play them on, so what was I to do?

I found one! And the first time I got it all rigged up, i discovered a loose wire limits the speaker, but after messing with it a little, we were able to enjoy country classics all morning! We jammed and danced away!

I could not believe how stunned people were at the tunes we were playing and singing to, and the sheer shock when they discovered that the youngest employee in the shop brought in the cassette player! I enjoyed watching them laugh and say over and over again a cassette player? Many great conversations were started this morning.

We thoroughly enjoyed the simple cassette player this morning and we will for many more more mornings to come! Everyone being shocked and stunned realized how much our world has changed. Simplicity has been lost for most. Oddly enough it is the simple things that I personally enjoy the most.

Just as I rediscovered the pleasure of simplicity this morning, I hope you find the time and are willing to take it to enjoy the simple things, a cassette player, a classic song that used to be your favorite, a real phone conversation. Build real relationships with those around you. That is what is important. Those around you and those you care about. So many smiles were made today with an old cassette player, probably originally from the 70s or 80s, and we enjoyed every minute of it this morning!

Enjoying the Evening

I got the opportunity to ride my big sorrel for a few minutes yesterday afternoon. He did so welll, that I saddled him up again this evening.

The weather here in southern Ohio was absolutely gorgeous. It was a cool evening without being cold. It made riding very enjoyable as the sun was shining without the air being chilly.

After riding last night, Jim actually wanted to be ridden again today! He was easy to catch in the field, was easy to saddle, and actually took the bit out of my hand. He was so eager to respong this evening. He has had almost 3 weeks off, which I hate to admit. The season for me has wound down, and I have had a busy couple weeks. Nonetheless my buddy was eager to play with me today.

I switched saddles on Jim, and the better fitting equipment freed up his front end so much! His movement was fluid and flowy. I am so proud of him!

After I rode Jim tonight, I saddle Bart up. His foot has healed nicely. It is waiting on hair to regrow, but the skin is pulled back together. I have been careful with treating the laceration and was excited to be able to ride him again. It has been several weeks since his injury and I have been anxious to ride. I missed my colt.

I was so proud of the youngster! Everything I asked him tonight, he did the first time I asked, even picking up his right lead, as his left is by far his favorite. He two tracked, stopped, backed. All of it without resistance at all! I was on cloud 9 as I exercised the colt and played with what we worked on over the summer.

I have said all of that to say this, take time to enjoy life. I am guilty of getting caught up in the hustle and bustle myself, but when I take a little time for myself, and enjoy my horses, I always come away feeling better. Tonight my confidence in myself gre w in the hourish that i spent in the arena. I am going to challenge myself to continue riding more thorugh the fall and into the winter. My stress level is lower when I ride, that will be beneficial throughout the whole year, not just the summer.

Hopefully me sharing my thoughts about enjoying the pretty evening encourages you to find even a few minutes to enjoy your hobby or season as the leaves change and bonfires begin to happen. You will never get this day back. I try to make the most of each day I am blessed with. That is my choice, and my choice alone. I chose tonight to go ride and enjoy the horses and the pretty evening. I hope that you find time to enjoy yourself this fall too.

Daily Prompt: Artificial

Artificial…. wow. Several things cross my mind when I think about the single word artificial. These days as we strive for healthier living, we have artificial everything, even milk, eggs, sweeteners and sugars…. and many many artificial people.

I strive to be a genuine person. Honesty is a trait I value greatly, and because I am honest and genuine unfortunately I expect to be dealt the same from others. There is no reason for dishonesty.

Today, even and especially the role models we have to look up to are not genuine. Pictures are airbrushed and photoshopped for us ladies to strive to be something we can never be. Honestly, who would want to be the person in that picture anyway? If you are, forget cookies, chocolate, donuts, the list goes on.

Some enjoy wearing make up and jewelry, which is great for them. But I no longer hold myself to such a standard. I am practical. My wardrobe is for practicality. I wear what fits and allows me to do my job properly. I am not talking about working a donut counter as my job here. As any horse enthusiast will tell you they have at some point experienced their jeans rubbing raw spots on their legs. I wear the jeans I do because they do not rub. They are far from designer, and I am sometimes lucky enough to find them on sale or clearance.

As a person, an acquaintance, a friend, a neighbor, the best thing I have to offer is being genuine. When others learn that I speak truth, and I keep my word, my reputation builds itself. There is no reason to portray I am someone or something I am not.

I have nothing to hide, and have learned it is easier to be myself than try to act like someone I am not. I had someone that enjoyed my company for awhile, because they saw a potential in me to be someone else. What they did not realize that I can only be me. My personal goal is to be the best me that I can be and maximize the gifts and talents that I have been blessed with. Outside of that, I have no obligation.

I learned a while back that the only thing hiding behind a mask does is make the truth coming out harder to accept. I have no reason to act like anyone other than me! Loving myself and accepting myself is still something that I am learning to do and I still have a rough time with it a good bit of the time. That is only because I forget that God made me just the way I am for a reason. He only wants me to be me. And he only wants you to be you! Being myself is so much easier than trying to act like someone I am not. I hope to remain genuine to myself so that I can be the best me that I can be.

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For the past few weeks, evertime I hear a sermon or sermonette it has been on promises and trust. Several times when the radio comes on the past few weeks it has played the song “I will Trust In You” and I am sorry I do not even know the gifted artist that sings it.

Learning to trust God is difficult to learn. It is something I am still working on, but it grew a bit today.

I was upset over my chickens last night. I had a hard time sleeping and so I prayed. ai asked God what I was supposed to do. Ironically, Bible Study that I went to last night was about Daniel and how he resolved. I did not want to resolve. I hate to admit that, but I was very frustrated and upset and I did not want to resolve anything.

I did not take any drastic measures, I have been angry today, and upset as I searched for a solution. I was even telling my mom that I was aggrivated about the lesson last night because I did not want to resolve anything and that I did not want to be the peace maker this time. I continued to search for a solution even researching building chicken runs and trying to figure out the best way to go about it.

God solved the whole situation with one text this afternoon! I am so relieved that He put a solution in place even before I asked. All I had to do was trust him! ┬áIf I would have trusted Him from the beginning I am betting that my mind would have been settled last night, I would have gotten a good night’s sleep and things would have worked out the same way.

I forgot that He holds me in His hand and is bigger than ANY situation that arises!God had a plan all I had to do was TRUST Him!


Daily Prompt: Original

Many things are considered original, works of art, literary pieces, clothing and textiles…. the list is literally limitless. But the greatest original work, is YOU!! You heard me correctly, the greatest original work is YOU!!!

There are many verses in the Bible regarding our creation, and Psalm 119:73 begins by saying that God formed us! Psalm 139:14 talks about being fearfully and wonderfully made, and other verses still talk about being created in His image!

I have said all of this to say, there is no way in the world, that God makes junk, ever. I am guilty myself, of kicking myself and beating myself down as I refuse to see the good, positive qualities that God has given me! I am far from perfect, but God is not finished with me yet!

Each one of us has qualities that are unique to us! Each of us has our own gifts, some can draw, some can sew, some are extraordinary speakers, singers, and the list goes on and on. Think about how boring our world would be if everyone were good at the same thing! God blessed us each with these unique gifts and talents to share with each other. He wants us to work together for His glory!

I am a horse girl, and just as every horse has a personality, every person has a personality. In my job in the service industry, I get to experience many differing personalities each day. I have ridden many horses and can say none of them are alike either! Just because someone has a different personality does not make them any less extraordinary. God created each and everyone of us to shine in their own way, including differing personalities, characteristics, likes, dislikes, talents and hobbies.

I love the life He has blessed me with and only hope to make others feel as original and extraordinary as they are worth! That is one of my favorite things about my job. I have 5 minutes to brighten someones day and appreciate the differences in our lives. Everyone has a story that contributes to their originality. I enjoy hearing and learning about them everyday!

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Sitting in church this morning God reminded me of a couple things. Dad and I shared a good conversation last night that I will share about in a minute. The sermont his morning was about one of my favorite passages, Ephesians 6:10-13. The sermon about arming ourselves to stand against satan, led to talking about how the fight and the battle with satan is already over! God has already given us the victory! That is what my post is about today.

Several years back, I was involved with a winter series youth rodeo. When I was younger and running youth circuits I was competeive and always in the thick of the points and chasing them. To make a long story short enough to blog about, my horse got hurt and a friend lent me hers. This horse was a big step up from mine and I found myself in the lead of points standings in barrels, something that had never happened before.

I had chased buckels several times, and been within a hair, but never able to take one home. So I prayed. God, I know that a buckle is a stupid thing to desire, but I do. If You let me win that buckle, I will give all the praise and glory to You!

Imagine my surprise when I won not one buckle in that series, but 2! There is only one way that that could have happened! I learned that no matter how small something is in the scheme of things, God cares about me, and about you, and He wants to bless us! God wants to give us the desires of our hearts, and all the praise and glory for not only that accomplishment, but every other trophy, ribbon etc that I have ever been lucky enough to win, has been because of Him!

Another victory happened for me last night, this one did not come with a ribbon, or a trophy, or even a trip to the pay window. I raced last night, for what was probably the last time this season, and my horse has not been holding up his half of the partnership very well this season. I knew he liked this particular pen, so I hoped last night would be the night.

Since a horse accident in 2008, my riding ability has not been what it once was. I have made progress, but I have battled everything from balance issues, to not being able to keep up with my horse etc. God promised my parents I would recover 100% and I believe that He will restore me to 100% there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind. Last night, I kept up with Jim the whole trip and we ran at the tail end of the first division! It was a good feeling, because just a short while ago, I was struggling to keep up with him.

The bottom line of all of this is God is good! He keeps His promises and He does indeed work everything for our good. My trust in Him has grown throughout the past few years, and my faith. Everyday I hope to continue to improve.

Daily Prompt: Realize

Today I got to go on a small adventure! I found some hay on the internet yesterday and today I went with a friend to pick it up. Reading all those crazy stories about craigslist on the internet makes you realize that sometimes, going alone is not the best option.

I have been driving my Ford Aspire, affectionately named ‘Matilda’ or’Tildy’ for about a year and a half. I purchased ‘Big Red’ a Ford F-250 super duty a few months before that. Tildy is my daily driver and gets me to and from work. When it is time to work, like hauling hay today, Big Red steps up to the plate.

Big Red has been sitting more, and running a little rough because of it, she likes to be driven. I only drive Big Red about once a week, give or take due to shows, getting feed, hauling hay etc etc. I pulled her around today and she was running pretty well as she got a little work out Tuesday.

My brave friend did not say one word about my driving, even when I ran over a few rumble strips on the interstate. Big Red feels very wide compared to lil Tildy and it took me a few minutes to adjust my position in the lane. Big Red did not let me down though!

My friend was nice enough to help me unload the hay, even stacking it in the barn. Next loomed the biggest feat of the day for Big Red, pulling herself up the steep bank to get out of the barn lot. I dropped the older truck in gear and started up the bank. We went about ten feet and started spinning on the hard ground. Fortunately it was not wet, otherwise we may have been stuck. I backed up and eased the accelerator back down gently. She made it almost to the top of the bank before she started spinning this time. We made it the rest of the way back into the driveway without having to back down the bank a second time.

Realization can be a real eye opener. Today I had to regroup twice as I realized, first that Big Red was wider than Tildy and two that to get up the bank I had to start slow. I have been in these situations before, and just needed to remind myself that the car and the truck are different.


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Daily Prompt: Tree

Awesome that today’s prompt is tree! I was going to post last night, but did not make it that far. Yesterday I got to take a trail ride with a good friend, that was unexpected and spontaneous, and I aboslutely loved it!

Me and my friend have been trying to plan a trail ride for several weeks, and our work schdules have simply not allowed us the luxury of the time to go. Yesterday my sister got off work early and relieved me of my household chores so I could go! I loaded the horses and headed off!

I had gotten directions from a former 4-H advisor that were simple, at the top of the trail head, stay to the left, at every opportunity stay to the left. Easy!! All left turns!

We saddle up and started out, up the bank and into the woods, which by the way are fulled with TREES! the leaves are just starting to turn a smidge here in south eastern Ohio and in another week, I have no doubt that the same ride we took will be all that much prettier.

As directed, we stayed to the left at the first ‘Y’ easy, I reminded myself, stay to the left. At the second ‘Y’ we stayed to the left, and came out on the road just down from where we started. After a laugh we headed back into the woods and an hour and 45 minutes later, we were back to the original ‘Y’ glad to have found out way back to where we started.

Needless to say, it was an adventure. The horses encountered water, that neither one of them wanted to cross, or even put a foot in. It made for an interesting few minutes as my friend dismounted and led her horse around the water, and Jim was willing to follow him around. We enjoyed going up and down hills and through the trees. My friend was hoping to see deer, but other than a few birds we did not see any wildlife.

It was a much needed ride! I enjoyed the slower pace, and not focusing on training and working on conditioning etc. The horses enjoyed it, Jim was grateful for the change of pace and scenery. I can not wait for the next time!!


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Chicken Waterer

Once the chicks outgrew their feeder, it did not take long for them to begin playing in their waterer either. With winter coming, the last thing I wanted was a wet floor or water on the floor for me to slip and slide in as I was caring for my birds. So I decided to start looking for a new waterer.

Once again, Pinterist to save the day! I found a couple pins about these drinking cups. So I went online to their webpage and read about them. The chickens trigger a yellow pin and it lets water into the cups for them to drink. No water is wasted as it only lets down when they peck the pin.



It took a couple times to get it right, but the water is stored in the bucket, in a brood box the girls never used. This gravity system makes it easy to fill and check the water level in the bucket. I originally tried to use the PVC adapters that the company sold with the product, however, I could not get them to stop leaking. My neighbor was nice enough to drill holes in a new piece of PVC, and then cut threads with a thread cutter. They did not leak after that!

The bucket was also a challenge, but my handy neighbor brought a few pieces he got at a hardware store and plumbed the PVC water line right into the bucket. A little silicone and an additional gasket and it did not leak either.

Since this is a gravity fed system, we drilled a small hole in the lid of the bucket to allow air to escape. Before the temperature drops, I will add pipe insulation and I already have plans to add a heat lamp in the coop this winter, if for no other reason than to keep the waterer from freezing.

The feed to the water line in the bucket is raised about an inch, which is great for keeping dirt etc from feeding down the water line and into the drinking cups. So far it has already cut down on the amount of work and headache! I am excited to see how it works over winter. It is a really smart solution to the problem of water on the floor!