Quiet Sunday Morning

It has been a crazy week around here, more like a crazy month, or maybe even two! This morning, I broke my routine and spent the morning in the quiet house. I know, I know, skipping church is not good, and I do not do it often, but I felt it was a justified choice today.

Yesterday was a long day, enjoyable, but long. I learned a lot and enjoyed judging the classes in the Open Show, but paired with everything this week, I was ready for a little down time. The slow morning has been very nice.

I am not really the happiest that I feel that choosing a little downtime needs justified. I am on the go a lot, and while I enjoy it and am totally lost when I do not have much to do for the day, sometimes I get tired too. I do not always think about myself, and I just want to take a moment and encourage you, if you feel like I do. Time for yourself is not always a bad thing, sometimes it is a necessary thing. Makes me wonder why I feel so guilty about it.

I am one of those people, when my to-do lists are never finished, as new thngs are always added. I feel the most accomplished when I go to bed tired from a long, full day where I got to mark several things off that extremely long list. Sometimes it catches up to me. Don’t worry, I would never admit that in person, as I take a lot of prid in the lifestyle I keep and the things that I let keep my plate full, sometimes overflowing. A down morning is totally alright though. The craziness will resume this afternoon and carry on yet again.

A while back I happened to realize, I am one person. While I have several amazing friends and a totally awesome family that help me when I bite off more than I can chew, sometimes the mountains on the to do list cannot be scaled in a single day.  ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and I struggle to remember that. Sure enough when I leave things at the end of the day, they are there waiting on me the next morning, just as I left them. They will get done, especially when I make up my mind that it is happening, but if it is not today, the world will not stop revolving.

I have said all this, just to say, do not feel guilty about taking a couple hours here or there for yourself, especially when you run a breakneck speed the majority of the time. Someday I will probably get burnt out, but that day is not today, and I am going to keep on chugging until I do.

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