Rainy Day Road Trip

Weather man called for more rain today, so what better way to spend it than on a a little bit of a road trip through the countryside, with a horse destination in mind of course! My fearless coworker Miss D was on board for today’s adventure, and I think she had as much fun as I did! We made some fun memories today.

My little Leroy was eager to go with us this morining, until we made it about half an hour up the road…. the the rest of the exhaust hit the pavement. Made a couple memories as I turned around to go collect it from the highway. Glad I had an old pair of gloves shoved behind the seat from handling tractor parts a couple weeks ago. I could feel the heat from the exhaust pipe even through the gloves. Fortunately not warm enough to burn me, but I caution you if you ever happen to lose your exhaust on the road, be very careful when retrieving it. We had a good laugh about the momentary delay in the trip and when we resumed conversation discovered it was even more dificult to hear than before! But, we made a memory.

I introduced Miss D to the shop owner before I discussed with him what I was hoping he could help me with. I ordered 2 pairs of reins and spoke with him a little about a previous project. It is always good talking with him, he is very knowledgeable in his trade and has many years of experience working leather.

Back up the road we loudly went. The muffler will be fixed over the weekend if not tomorrow. We decided to stop for lunch at a diner around the corner from home. Miss D got to sample one of my favoite meals and we enjoyed some great conversation over lunch, now that we could hear one another. The storm started while we were at the diner, and low and behold, we forgot to roll the windows up in Leroy! Fortunately it was only a few miles from the diner to my house, but yet another memory was made. The lightning that we got to watch over the last couple miles of the trip was gorgeous. I have always enjoyed watching lightning and today was no exception. The storm blew over quickly, but it was a good day, and a good day for a nice trip.

Hopefully you found something enjoyable to do on this rainy day! I would love to hear about it! Leave me a comment with what you found to do today.


Jerry & Josie

A couple weeks ago, I noticed a splash in the big puddle by the barn, as I was letting horses in for the evening. The next day it was there again. The ducks love this puddle, they swim and play in it everyday. They have wallered it out, along with the big tractor, over the winter and spring. It is now quite large and desperately needing gravel… it is on my list.

With all the rain lately, the puddle has grown, and so have its residents. I started noticing these splashes more often, and now they were beginning to be after a ‘plop’ sound. I also notived several ripples in the puddle, that is now a murky green, for several days.

As the weather is getting warmer, downright hot some days, I have been hearing frogs and crickets especially in the evenings. I assumed the culprit for the splashing in the puddle was a frog, but I had not seen him until just a couple days ago. I happened to look into the puddle at just the right moment, and see a frog, about 3/4 the size of my hand! He is a light green color with a lighter belly, and most definitely a frog, not a toad.

Last night while I was out doing my usual routine feeding, not only did Jerry frog splash, but there was a second, smaller splash. Dad suggested he brought his girlfriend with him, so I decided to call her Josie for now.

I was worried for a day or two last week when my familiar splashes did not welcome me at feeding time, but they were back last night. I am glad the little frogs are getting comfortable enough with me around to watch me, and wait even a second or two before the descend below the surface to the concealment of the murky water.

I know that this pair of frogs will not be here very long, but they have been fun to watch the past couple weeks. I have enjoyed watching them and listening to them on these warmer summer nights. The best part about it, is they do not even know how much enjoyment they have brought me. They do not know I look for them when I go out to feed or that I enjoy listening to them chirp to other frogs hiding in the yard. Just another thing about our little farm that I have been enjoying lately!

Rainy Sunday

The past couple days have been crazy and I have enjoyed a much slower paced Sunday afternoon, thanks to the rain. It stormed last night, and I was able to sleep better than I have in several nights, because the sounds of the storm relax me in a different way. Today I have still been tired, it was a crazy week, with a crazier one shaping up, but to take time and rest and reflect today was much needed.

I have a couple close friends, that always offer sound advice and valuable opinions, and I got the chance to speak with them today. Sometimes it just feels good to talk, and share things you have carried around for too long with others. I am pretty sure it is all in my head, but I at least feel like I may be able to handle things now.

The ‘Morning Pages’ I mentioned in my last post, are really helping. I have found time for them everyday but one, and I should have made myself take time that day. It was the only day in over a week I have had an anxiety flare up. So I am back to it, and sticking with it at least for now in the hopes that it continues to help me.

Every now and then I go on a cleaning binge, and this afternoon inspiration for it struck. I attacked my bedroom lol not nearly as much as I should have gotten done, but enough I felt productive. I cleaned a lot of the clutter and believe me the past few weeks left a lot of it. Papers are now sorted through, trashed and put away. Messes cleaned up from incubation and dress making, and even my laundry is started. I want to finish by taking the table I used for incubation down, and maybe working on my sewing area some more, but I still have all the outdoor chores to do for the evening and no guarantee that I will have the energy when I am finished with that. Cleaning like that always helps me feel better because I have been even a little productive.

I have been spending a lot of time writing lately, journaling, writing scripture, reflecting on some things that I have refused to face. Things that I thought I had dealt with years ago. Everyday is another step in the right direction. Writing has been a great outlet the past couple weeks and I am grateful for it.

The season is starting to change, and with it brings more work and longer days, going to bed tired and sore only to get up and do it again the next morning, but also feeling productive and motivated. Life is good and I am thankful for each day and each chance I have to build relationships and grow, finiding more of myself.

Morning Pages

I was scrolling through Pinterist on a rainy day this week, and I have notice the term ‘Morning Pages’ on several posts in Bullet Journal Facebook groups I have joined and also Pinterist pages. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to see what this was about.

I have struggled with anxiety for many years, and I noticed that Morning Pages were listed under self care categories across the board. So I started digging deeper and doing more research. I was not disappointed.

I found a good article, and I apologize to the original author I cannot remember where I found it, but it suggested snagging a journal of some kind, and writing 3 pages in the morning. Ok, so what do I write about? was the first question I asked upon reading that. Write about anything that comes to mind. Whatever thoughts cross your mind, let them flow right onto the page in front of you.

This is supposed to act as an outlet and give your nagging thoughts somewhere to go. The author hit really hard on 3 pages. Even if you do not feel like it, write 3 pages. These pages, this journal, is not to be ready by anyone, even yourself, unless it is several months down the road. The goal of this exercise is to let your thoughts run free, unhibited with worry about what someone else thinks.

The day after I read this article, I stopped and got a brand new composition book and picked up yet another pack of pens, comfortable smooth writing ones that were not expensive. I think I may have the start of a pen addiction! And then I wrote. I let my thoughts flow freely, and I surprised myself when I filled up my 3 pages much quicker than I expected.

I am going to try this for the month of June, and see if it helps with my stress or anxiety any at all. There very well may be something to this, only time will tell. When I have journaled before it has helped with my anxiety, but this is the first time I have attempted something quite like this. I would have included these pages in my Bullet Journal, but I did not want to use it up on pages I could not share, because I have shared several speads with friends and coworkers.

Stay tuned for updates on how this goes!


Here in Ohio, I think we have skipped spring and jumped straight into summer! I watched a few minutes of the news last night and we are above normal temperatures all this week. I am not comlaining a bit, the warm, sunny weather has been very nice to ride the horses in.

If you have been following me long, I am willing to bet it is no surprise when I say that since spring seems to have sprung, things have picked up here on the farm. Over the weekend, my younger siblings helped my plant the rest of the peas to go with the potatos. Garden plans are being made and I picked up Grandpa’s plow to till the garden in preparation for planting in just about 2 weeks!

I set eggs in the incubater a few days ago, and I am not having very much luck. I am still hopeful that candling in a few days will bring me good results. The humiditiy and temperature have been very difficult to get regulated this go around, even more so with the hot humid weather the past few days. Truly only time will tell, but I was worried about another bad hatch, and impulsively bought 15 chicks that the farm store had marked down to $1 a piece Sunday…. I think I may have a problem. I never being a chicken, or rather a chick, addict was a problem that someone could really have.

The meat chickens are growing well! They are 13 days away from butchering. I must say they are eating like pigs! Which is great because that means they are healthy and growing well. They are one thing on the farm I am excited to see come, but ready to see go also. I enjoy them, but I am glad I prepared and started them a little early this year. It means the work will be done a few weeks earlier than normal and the busiest part of my summer has one less thing in it.

This weather has been wonderful for working horses! I started Bart back on the barrel pattern last night and I am pleased with how he did. I really think this is going to be his year to come into himself so we can see what we have. The little filly is doing better each ride also! She is very smart, and so far seems fairly eager to work. I just hope it stays that way.

The next few weeks will be busy as I hopefully get the ‘spring’ list checked off, but this is my favorite time of year. The flowers are blooming, the grass is growing and the sun stays up a bit later. Enjoy the weather!

My Monday Off

Any farmer knows, that even a day ‘off’ from you ‘day job’ is not actually a day off. It just means more time to play catch up on the farm. Today, that is exactly what I did.

Many people see me on an almost daily basis, I get to hear about their weekends, work weeks, vacations, kids, pets, hobbies, sometimes more than necessary, but it is really ok. Today, on my day off, I had one of the few atyipcal days that I can claim in the past several months or so.

I had a bunch of paperwork to take care of for the next couple of weekends, phone calls to make, and cleaning along with some laundry. After the dog had me up most o the night, getting up was not easy this morning. At first I was going to beat myself up about it, but sleeping in every now and then is not a crime. The horses and chicks were not the happiest, but they quickly forgave me when I fed them.

It was very  different for me today, as I sit here in my slippers and pjs… I have never enjoyed pj days, but today I just didn’t feel like getting dressed… yet. lol The computer cannot see me, nor can the people I talked to today in various Part departments as I tracked down tractor parts for the latest farm project. Several phone call across several states, and I had the opportunity to talk to a very helpful representative that was patient with my limited knowledge of machinery. He was very helpful and helped me to get the correct parts that I needed ordered.

It is a big relief to have those things off my list today! Part ordered, paperwork caught up, cleaning chores better than half done, and the last load of laundry going. I would much rather spend time outside, especially on beautiful days like this morning started out to be. But every now and then I have to take a day and catchup and prepare for the next set of busy days ahead.

There is always something to do, and there will always be something else that needs done, but taking a morning like I did today was productive in its own way. Sometimes we need that, a relaxed morning where we accomplish our lists on our own time. I just have to remember that it is ok not to run 100 MPH every day of every week. Things will still get done.


“Ugh,” she sighed as she turned the key to her old truck. It had been a long morning and she was ready to drive to the local pizzeria for lunch between classes today.

Oh well, she decided a sandwich never hurt anyone, and dialed her dad’s number.

“Hello?” her dad answered in surprise.

“Hey Dad, my truck won’t start, I turn the key and it clicks but that is all,” she said calmly.

“I am up to my eyes in paperwork this afternoon, but I will see if one of the others can pick you up.”


She returned to class and forced herself to focus on the instructors. She worried that something expensive would be wrong. She did not have the time or the money to deal with that type of problem.

Her last class finally ended and she hurried to shove her notes and folders into her book bag before dashing back to the parking lot. Her Dad’s truck was no where to be found. As she approached the truck, she noticed jeans and boots on the ground in front of her truck. She cleared her throat hoping not to startle the cowboy too much.

“Hey,” the familiar voice came from under the truck.

“Sorry you got stuck coming,” she began.

“No worry, I volunteered,” he said sliding out from under the truck smiling.

She looked away refusing to meet his eyes. “Any idea what the trouble is?”

“Looking like the starter.”

She nodded. Things could be way worse she decided.

“Hope in and bump the key over and over again,” he said grabbing his hammer.

She nodded again and slid behind the wheel slinging her bag into the floorboard on the passenger side of the old truck.

“Ok,” he said, “Go ahead.”

She bumped the key as he instructed over and over again. She heard the metallic whack whack as he tapped under the truck. After a few moments, she heard the truck crank. She smiled and the truck turned over.

He slid from under the truck as she stepped out of the cab.

“Thank you so much!” she said as he wiped his hands on a rag.

“I am going to stop and get a new starter at the store, when you get back to the ranch just pull it over in front of the maintenance shed and I will put a the new starter on for you.”

“You don’t have to do that, I can take it to the shop now that it is started.”

He looked at her with a crooked grin. “It would be my pleasure.”

She smiled up at him and helped him put the remaining tools back into his truck before again climbing up behind the wheel of her older model. He faithfully followed her in case she had any trouble. She breathed a sigh of relief when she stopped in front of the maintenance shed safely back at the ranch.

via Daily Prompt: Crank

It is the Little Things

That’s what I love about Sundays…. is a line from a country song that was popular a few years ago, and this morning I took a few minutes, when that song popped into my head, to think about things in my life this morning. Overall, this week has been fairly enjoyable with a fun trip to Columbus with a coworker where I ran into a couple of my long time friends. I had a spontaneous lunch with the same coworker when I got off work early Saturday. Things on the farm have even gone smoothly this week. I had much to be thankful for today!

I woke up this morning to the sound of my chickens, including my rooster Roy, clucking, cackling and crowing. Then my ornery little donkey Pete chimed in to tell me that I had slept in long enough and that his belly said it was past time for breakfast. Funny how he knows when it is my day off and what time I should be up.

So I went and fed and let the chickens out. I checked on my chicks, filled their feeder and waterer and just watched them play for a few minutes in the brood box. They are enjoying their larger box in the henhouse and it was neat watching them run around in there and jump this morning. The younger chicks are still inside, but only for a couple more days, and they are all healthy.

I had originally hoped Uno was a pullet, but I am fairly certain he is a rooster. After yesterday, I am relieved…. Roy had a bad day and his days on my farm are now numbered. As much as I hate to say that, it is going to be a necessary decision to make. I am hoping that Uno stays as much of a pet as he is and enjoys being handled like he does now.

This afternoon, it rained and rained, which was no surprise for those of us in Ohio. After church, I came home and fell asleep on the couch as I listened to the rain ping off the roof and splat the ground outside. It is very wet and muddy now, but the sound of rain has always been one of my favorites.

I hope you all enjoyed your Sundays as much as I did!

Happy Monday

Waking up to snow this spring morning was a little unexpected. I heard about th forsythia blooming last week and was hopeful that we had seen the last of the snow for the season here in south eastern Ohio. However, this was not the case! I have heard many people joking that Ohio is the only state that has all 4 seasons in a single day, and it is much more true than I care to admit.

I checked the weather yesterday, and after tomorrow night, it should stay warm enough to put the chicks outside. That is none too soon! I even got chicks a little later this year hoping that the weather would be warmer, but no such luck. The chicks have been hapily brooding in my bedroom floor, and I have been sleeping elsewhere for almost 2 weeks. I am ready to have my space back. Most people probably think it crazy, that I would do it again in a heartbeat. I absolutely enjoy having the chicks and look forward to it every year!

Wednesday the chicks will get to try out their new broodbox that Mr.T helped me with! I am excited to finally try it out! When I tested it, I could not get it any warmer than 50 degrees even with the heat lamp, because the temperatures outside were so cold. I will get it all set up for them tomorrow so that it will be ready for them Wednesday!

I thoroughly enjoy having them inside where I can easily peek in and monitor their food, water etc, but they are getting more and more time consuming to keep up with inside. The bedding they are going through increases each day in the smaller pen inside, so moving them outside will also be easier to keep the larger pen clean.

I am so blessed that they are happy and healthy! That is the ultimate goal of any farmer, healthy livestock. So far so good with this batch of chicks.

Introducing Uno

My last post was about the latest excitement on the farm, my first time hatching chicks! So I wanted to delve a little deeper into that and share a few more special moments with you!

The meat chicks arrived through the mail last Friday, and I set them up a brood box in my bedroom. I went in awhile later to check on them and make sure everything was ok, and I thought I would check on my incubator as well. The eggs were due to hatch Friday night into Saturday morning.  Low and behold a chick was making it’s way out of the shell!

I was so excited! I watched as it wiggled itself out of the shell and proceeded to climb over and around the numerous other eggs in the incubator. This little chick fought his way over to the side where I was standing and watching and made himself at home there. I checked on him and watched him several times throughout the afternoon and evening as I waited for another chick to join him. He looked so lonely.

Sure enough the next morning a couple more chicks had hatched and were keeping ‘Uno’ company. I checked on them several times and when they were dry and stable, moved them to a brood box alongside the larger meat chicks.

Uno has become easy to spot with his light body and red head. At least one other chick that hatched was larger than Uno, and I am really hoping Uno is a pullet. Time will tell soon enough.

I was looking at her today, and her wing feathers have started to come in! Uno is almost a week old and very healthy and seems very laid back, so far anyway.


I am tickled absolutely pink that even a few hatched. I was hoping more would, but I learned a lot and hope things go better next time. Stay tuned for updates!