Planning for Spring

Spring is easily my favorite time of year, and I have been counting down to it for weeks.  The days are finally less than 25! The temperatures today here in southern Ohio, were noticably warmer than last week. Mud season is oficially upon us.

I ordered chicks Monday, no I am not going to tell how many. This year, I decided to order Light Bramas for meat birds instead o the Super Roasters, and they have been much more consistant layers, so that is also what I chose to add to my flock. But then I got to thinking… I enjoy having all the different colors of eggs, and hatching chicks last year was one of the neatest things I have ever done. My Mom and little brother even got into it, which was neat. I just couldn’t help myself any longer, I ordered an incubater. Yes, I had one last year, but after using it and learning from my mistakes, I decided to sell it at the end of the season last year. I am looking forward to trying out this one! Ideally all will go better than last year. All that being said, I am super excited about it this year!

Spring time brings more farm type work, but that will really be ok. I would much rather work outside than inside any day! Always plenty to do when the weather breaks and the days lengthen. I always feel better and more productive on days that I get to be outside riding and working with the horses, those are my favorite days.

I have started thinking about the garden this year and which seeds I need to get started, sooner rather than later. I totally dropped the ball on that last year and I do not want that to happen again. I learned that if I dont plan, I can never make it happen. Maybe look at getting that started here in the next week. It will be interesting to see if I can keep any of my starts alive this year. The past 2, I have effectively killed them all, New year means a new chance though, and I can only take what I have learned and move forward, try something else this time around.

I am looking forward to what this year has in store, starting with spring, my favorite time of year!

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