My Journal, It Arrived!

I have been super excited about starting to bullet journal! I ordered a Leuchttrum 1917 A5 dotted journal. It is a wonderful size! I love using the dotted pages for guidance and freedom at the same time. So far I have only started with laying out a few pages to start journaling in next week.

There are several things I really like about this particular journal. The cream colored pages instead of stark white, I absolutely love! I also really like the fact that it has included index pages and that the pages are numbered for easy reference. As I mentioned before, I am really enjoying using the dotted pages to make the layout easier and even. I am mildly OCD and I like neat, clean and EVEN pages. I am still learning and experimenting with colors and doodles, but I like the minimalist look, again, neat and tidy.

This is my second full week using my journal and I am surprised at what it has already helped me accomplish! I have made phone calls I have been putting off, marked things religiously off my to do list that never ends even kept track of all my atppointments! I have started tracking habits, and it encourages me to do things, like take my vitamins and spend time daily in prayer and scripture. It helps keep me accountable even if it is only to myself to continue to grow and improve.

I tried to upload pictures, but I was unsuccessful today. I will post again soon with the pictures of my journal as well as my first few pages, for anyone who is like me and trying this for the first time.

There are still a few things I would like to try, like incorporating shopping lists, and other collection pages for things like Gardening, sewing projects and chickens/eggs. This is a learning process for me and everyday I am learning more about how to best use this system to make myself the most productive. I hope I encourage you if you are wanting to try this for yourself! Feel free to leave me a comment or a picture of your favorite layout or page in your bullet journal!

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