Setting February Goals

January is better than half over, and I cannot believe it is already there! February will be here before I know it, and since I did not make any resolutions this year, I am setting some goals for February.  A new month feels like a fresh slate.

Jim is off until he is cleared from the vet, which I hope is sometime next month. Until then, I have 2 other horses to start conditioning and tuning to be prepared for when the season starts, and I am hoping to start with them the first week of Februrary. I am very much looking forward to seeing how they come along this season! I have to start somewhere and the best way is to just start riding and see how they do.

I want to start focusing again on my spiritual walk, I have been slipping, and now is not the time for that. I plan to challenge myself to write scripture everyday in February which will keep me focused on it, and with any luck improve my handwriting. When I did that before, it gave me a chance to reflect further on the scripture and mull it over in my mind. I enjoy that time, reflecting on scripture. I learn more and retain more and that is exactly what I should be doing more.

Spring is coming and there are things to do on the farm to prepare for the coming of new arrivals! I am planning to incubate and hatch eggs! As well as I have a mare due. I will be relieved when she has foaled out and that is one less thing off my mind, but I am so excited to have a foal coming.  I have neve hatched out chicks before and I cannot wait to set the incubator up! I am looking forward to trying something new.

There are a few loose ends to tie up on the lean to and the haybarn to start on. I am glad to have both of those projects moved to the in-progress list! A few little things and the lean to is totally done, and the haybarn is a spring project, but it will make life so much easier on the farm.

I also plan to build a pen for the meat birds this spring as the one I used last year did not have enough air circulation for the larger meat birds. A small project ideally, but a project regardless. Hopefully I have better luck with them this year. So much to look forward to!



I cannot believe it is Wednesday aleady! The temperatures here in Ohio have fallen once again and brought more wintry precipitation with them! This weekend is supposed to be nicer though and I am looking forward to the relief from the colder temperatures, even if it will be temporary this time.

The stomach bug that has been going around, struck me Saturday and I have been down more than I would like to admit. Farm work does not stop though, and over the weekend that was all I did, feeding and chores. But everyone stayed happy and healthy in the barn and henhouse.

I have 2 hens that have moved into the barn and roose at night between 2 of the oldest pasturemates. Ironically, these 2 particular horses do not always get along. I find it odd that is the wall the hens have chosen, but there has been no deterring them. Believe me, I tried! So I let them roost in the barn, between the horses they are as safe as can be, and they have left me an egg almost everyday.

If the weather breaks for the weekend as I am hoping it does, I plan to get the last piece of tin on the roof of the lean to, that just leaves gutter to hang and 2 gates to install inside. I will be relieved to mark that off the list.

The next outdoor project will be putting up a hay barn, and I have started making arrangements for beginning that project. That has been exciting and nerve racking at the same time! But one step at a time, I will make progress, taking it one day at a time.

I am planning a riding\conditioning schedule that I am hoping to start soon, hopefully around the beginning of February, if the weather cooperates even a little bit. I cannot wait to see how the horses progress when we start our preseason workouts.

My new journal should be here as soon as tomorrow and I cannot wait to start it! Several ideas to share with you in later posts on that, but I am about to bust with excitement over it! I am hoping that implementing its use helps me grow and keep myself on track of reaching my goals.

Hopefully your week is going as well, if not better, than mine!

Practice Week

Tuesday I set up a bullet journal layout in p listedreparation for the expensive one I ordered. I am glad I did! I have already found a couple things I plan to change. Luckily, it was in an old composition book that I had started to use for something else, so no harm, no foul.

I found a weekly spread that listed the days of the week  in a horizontal line with areas for tasks and goals off to the left…. I have too many things that I want to list in this section to limit them to the smaller spaces. So I am going to lay out next week with the days of the week on the left page and my tasks and goals on the right page. My new journal has shipped and I am counting down until it gets here! The weekly layout that I tried was from pageflutter, I will try to figure out how to upload a pic to show what I tried and what I am going to change. But I must say, she is a much better artist than I am! I am going to play with some headers and such the next couple days, hopefully I can find something simple that I like.

All of this talk about bullet journals, has helped me shift my focus already. I have been more mindful the past couple days of the habits I have chosen to track, and that is the first step to positive change. Several projects are on the horizon and I am excited to have a place to keep all of the notes and lists for them, where I only have one things or notebook or place to look for the information I have been careful to collect.

You could probably tell from my recent posts how excited I am, but I am eager to see if this technique helps me keep track of everything because I have been forgetting more and more lately.

Thanks for sticking out with me as I learn by trial and error how to make this work for me and in turn hopefully it helps you find something that works for you!

Finalizing Research

I think I have read almost every blog out there on Bullet Journaling, and I have looked at too many pictures of layouts to count. All of that has led me to selecting a few layouts to start with for a journal of my own. My journal is officially on its way and I am counting down the days already!

Sunday I decided to get a jump start, and I got a few different types of pens to add to my box of colored pencils. I selected a black gel pen, and also fine point permanent markers. We will see how they do and I will be glad to share with you my evaluation of their performance in my personal journal. I see all these cute doodles and sketches in the hundreds of pictures I have seen, and I am excited to try my own, but I am nervous that I will not compare in any shape way or form to those beautiful pieces of art that I have seen. I am initially going to stick to simple headers and clear consistent handwriting.

Even though it is suggested not to, I am planning on keeping a riding log separately from my bullet journal, if for no other reason than I want to specifically record my daily work outs with each horse. I plan for these entries to be lengthy and I do not want to take away from the goal of my bullet journal keeping me on track. Right now I plan to make a space in a habit tracker to remind me to record my workouts with the horses.

I am planning to start a practice bullet journal next week, just to make sure it is going to work out as well as I hope, then start in my new journal February 1st. I am hoping it keeps me organized as I enter into my busy season when the weather breaks in the spring. There will be many more ducks to keep in a row during the spring and summer. My biggest hope is that this journal helps me keep everything together.

Hopefully you stay tuned and join me on my bullet journal journey, there will be many adventures on the way! Maybe it will encourage you enough to start your own! Either way, I am looking forward to this new adventure.

Snowy Ohio Morning

If you have seen a recent weather report, you know Ohio got some pretty nasty weather this morning. Fortunately for me, it is my day off and I have enjoyed not having to travel this morning. The nice thing is the temperatures are quite a bit warmer, so I did not have as much worry this morning about letthing the animals out.

The weather limited my outside work today, so that means charging ahead with inside stuff that needs attention. I started with more journalling research and I have nailed down seveal layouts that I like, thank you Pinterist! I am excited for my new journal to arrive and equally as excited to share my experiences with it! My goal is to be more organized and have a central place to keep track of all the things I need to remember. We will see how well that goes.

After I was feeling pretty good about the layouts that I have chosen and made notes of them so that I can replicate them when my journal gets here, I turned my attention to the next thing I wanted to accomplish this morning. Miss L’s riding journal turned out well enough that I decided I would like to make one for Miss M! I have been working this morning on revising and customizing the pages for Miss M as well as adding pages that she will use to keep track of her shows and performances. I cannot wait to finish it and give it to her!

Several exciting things coming up soon and I hope to cherish each moment and keep track of everything that I need to remember. This morning I also talked to the vet and now have a game plan for when the Big buckskin foals, which is oddly a big relief. I have worried more about this baby than any other before and it is sheer peace of mind to have spoken with my vet and gotten the reasssurance that I am doing the right things for her. Everything is falling into place, and I am getting ready to start my next series of projects.

Last week, I talked to Mr.J about a storage cabinet made from the shutters I picked up at a flea market, and I am itching to get started on that! I will upload pictures of the progress, but that is something else I am very excited about. I absolutely love refurbishing old things and the cabinet will be a wonderful new addition to my bedroom.

I am going to save the other projects for later posts, just to keep you all in suspense! Have a happy Monday!

Back In Action

It seems like forever since I have blogged! Never fear, I did not forget, life has just been busy and then even busier with the holidays. But, with the start of a new year, I have set several new goals and I cannot wait to share them with you!

I have been researching the past few days, about a bullet journal, and I bought supplies tonight to get started! I was going to bind it myself (I experimented with this for a Christmas gift) but decided I would start with something prebound. I selected a flat laying journal, with brown paper pages. They are unlined so that I can make each page whatever I decide. Stay tuned for updates on that!

I bound my first book (after watching an amazing YouTube video) and after doing one, I decided to do a second. I may write a blog about how I did that. I was looking online for a Riding Lesson Journal I could purchase for  a Christmas gift, but I could not find what I wanted. So my mom helped me design my own pages and print them properly for my journal, then I was able to sew them into the cover.

Hopefully you made it through the holidays easily and enjoyed time with your family and friends! I know we did here. The brutal temperatures the past couple weeks have kept me busy, just keeping animals fed and watered. In the next couple days, I will be updating you about the newest additions! For Christmas, my Mom, brought home 15 chicks, which are set up in our living room where they are nice and toasty in this way colder than normal Ohio winter.

Several things set in motion on the farm, I cannot wait to tell you about it all. New adventures on the horizon, and new goals for 2018 to grow my horsemanship and help my horses perform better. Hopefully I keep my motivation and determination as 2018 progresses.

First Chilly Day This Season

Almost all the leaves are gone now, and with it they have taken most of the warmer sunny weather. Today was sunny, but this morning was quite chilly and a brisk afternoon led me to staying inside my sweatshirt most of the afternoon.

I have posted before about my chickens and even how my waterer for them was designed and built. The PVC system I have been using works well, but as winter approaches, I had a new problem. I had to find a way to keep it thawed. Last winter I could not and resorted to a hanging 5 galon bucket with a flower pot heater underneath it. This was very messy and not something I plan to repeat. So, I started researching.

Mr. T suggested using an aquarium heater. What a great idea! I ordered 2 and had them ready to go, until I did more research and heard about them exploding inside the waterer. I also read about them shorting out and shocking the chickens. Last thing I want is for one of my birds to get socked, so I did more research. I cannot be the only one out there with this type of waterer.

My search led me to a $40 heater designed specifically for the water system I have. Fantastic! Shipping it to me took the total to more than $50, and I had to pass on that for a 1 year warranty.

Yesterday I picked up some heat tape and some insulation and wrapped the pipes well. Reattached it to the wall of the coop today and fired it up. Seemed to be working when I brought them in for the night. I will check it tomorrow morning and see how it is faring.

The plan is to work more on the lean to tomorrow, hoping we can make a lot of progress with getting it up. Winter is coming and I hope I am ready. Things are getting done and being marked off the list a little at a time, day by day. Each day brings new challenges and learning new things.

I was asked not too long ago what I wanted to be when I grow up, and I thought for a moment. I decided I think I will be a farmer, because a farmer fixes whatever life hands him that day. He has to shoulder livestock, equipment, machinery, carpentry, plumbing, sometimes even electrical and vet work. One farmer wears many hats in a single day, and he meets life head on regardless of what it brings him next. I think farmers are people to be looked up to and learned from. Maybe one will inspire you!

Finally Fall

Almost all the leaves are changed, and many have fallen as I look across this part of southern Ohio. The temperatures are starting to lower, especially over night and the days get shorter all the time.

As summer moves on, several of my projects are also tying up. Always feels good when I can mark things off the list! The garden is done, just down to brush hogging it for the winter, the turkeys are in the freezer as of this afternoon, and the pullets have started to  lay.  I feel accomplished when I open thr freezer downstars and see chickens, turkeys and corn inside. Knowing that I did that is very rewarding. I had a lot of help this year from family and friends, but next year I hope to do more on my own.

I am excited to announce the addition of 3 new Guineas! I could not resist the 3 keets when I saw them! 2 are pure white, which I have never even seen in person until I saw them! They are about 8 weeks old, and are enjoying playing in the brood box right now. I am already enjoying listening to them chattering!


The fall season brings some of my favorite things, cool nights, bonfires, sweatshirts, hot chocolate, apple ciders and crisp mornings. Changing leaves are beautiful and the starry fall skies are breath taking, I even got to see a shooting star while I was out this morning feeding at 3. I was not even sure what to wish for, but it made me stop for a minute and realize how much I have to be grateful for.

The Maker of the universe and Keeper of the stars, cares about me and the littlest things in my life! That is the awesomest feeling there is! He is holding me in His hand and He has a plan for my life! Seeing that shooting star this morning was a gift from Him, a way to remind me of His many blessings. That is only the 2nd or 3rd shooting star I have ever seen and they are so special, just like us, God’s creations. We are hand crafted individually for a purpose, and it is our choice what we do with it. So grateful for such a reminder this morning!


Several of my friends and family members have been encouraging me to write a book.I am not one to lie, so I will admit I have thought about it for quite a while. I have even started writing a book, but I am not happy with it.

A high school friend of mine has become a successful writer, she went to college and grew her talent and I must say her work is amazing. She was the one who originally got me thinknig about writing.

Writing presents many challenges. One at this time unfortunately is my time. I devote my time to many things, and writing falls short often. Motivation goes hand in hand with that though. Some days all I want to do is write, I think about dialoge and play out scenes in my mind over and over until I get them how I want them. Other days I sit down and the words seem to just flow.

I am by no means any type of professional, I just enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts with others. But my mind keeps coming back to a book. Today I have no idea what it will even be about or when I may get around to writing it, but I like the idea.

My favorite parts of writing are developing character personalities and quirks. I deal with all kinds of people on a daily basis and it is interesting to watch them react to their enviornment and each other. People are interesting and I enjoy developing situations that try and test them allowing their personalities to show.

I have said all of this, to say whatever you are thinking about, dreaming about, wishing about, do not be afraid to keep reaching. There will be a time for that talent or desire to come to light. Hold on to it so that you are ready when the time is right.

Taking Time Today

Today I did something I rarely do, took a few minutes for myself. My life is crazy and lke many others in this crazy world, I push myself to the back burner, a lot. But today, I took a few minutes for myself. It may have only been a few minutes, but I am already feeling better and looking forward to this weekend.

My cousin is getting married this Saturday, how exciting! I do not dress up often, and I have been searching for something to wear for a few weeks. Being as practical as I am, I wanted to find something versatile that I would wear again. The first dress I found, I went back to get and it was gone, so I had to come up with a back up plan, which came out ok.

Talking with a friend yesterday, I was convined I should take this opportunity and surprise myself and family with the lady I can be. So I stopped and picked up a pair of new shoes, a new sweater, and even a few new cosmetics, which I rarely wear, in anticipation for this weekend. I was excited to get home and see if the number in my closet would still zip. Unfortunately I was disappointed because it would not. Close but no banana!

Even though the dress in my closet would not fit, I am looking forward to wearing a new outfit that I put together. I think it is going to be really cute. The past couple days have been a great reminder that I am important too. Life is busy, life is crazy, but if you do not take a few minutes and invest in yourself, you forget how to act when you do.

I write often about betterig myself and pushing myself to grow as a person, but every once in a while, even for a few minutes at a time, I need to remember to take time for myself. The wedding this weekend will be a good time visiting and spending with my family as we celebrate with my cousin and I am excited!