Making Progress on Me

I wrote a few days ago of the New Year’s Resolution that I made this year. Each day is another chance to improve myself and another chance to have a better day.

I have been making it a point to spend time in my Bible. I am not going to lie, I do much better some weeks than others, but that is ok, God knows my heart. I downloaded a Bible reading plan in the Bible app on my tablet. The tablet that I spend time on everyday, so that it would be in front of me. Keeping things in front of me helps to keep me focused.

Growing in my relationship with God is my primary goal this year, even though I have several others. Including the classic eating better and trying to drop a few pounds. I have been doing better about my eating choices and even drinking water. My friends and family know how much I like water, hahahaha. Progress is progress, and I am taking it one day at a time.

When I was younger, in the girls group at our church, we did a unit called Attitude is Everything, and I have learned especially in the past couple days that is indeed true. Everyday we choose to have a good attitude despite our circumstances or events that day. We are the only one that control our mindset and choose to have a positive outlook. Yesterday was an awesome day. Not because of anything other than I chose to be in a good mood and keep my mind on the positives of the day.

I was called a cheer leader last week. Not in the sense of high kicks and pom poms, but because I was encouraging and supportive. That is the best way to make a difference to others. You never know what a person is battling, and it is definitely not my job to judge or hold their circumstances against them. I only have a small window to brighten their day. I would not be able to accomplish that if I did not stay positive myself.

God wants me to encourage and help others, and He gives me the joy to invest into their lives. I can’t say that I get to have the same affect on every person that I pass in the day, but I can make it a point to try. Many times, a smiling face, or a listening ear is all it takes to turn someone’s day around. That is what my job is right now.

Hopefully you have the opportunity to be on both ends of this scale today!


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