Christmas Chicks

If you have been following my posts, you saw where my wonderful Mom brought home 15 black Austerlop chicks for me for Christmas. My little brother Nick, instantly claimed them as his babies and eagerly helped with their care. Since it was December, these little black chicks have been in the living room since we brought them home.

The chicks being in the living room did not bother my mom, surprisingly. She is a very go with the flow kind of person, but about a month ago, the 15 chicks had grown enough that they had pretty much outgrown the dog kennel that temporarily housed them. One of my former coworkers gladly gave 8 of them a new home, in her craft room, before she introduced them into her flock. So that left me with 7, much more comfortable chicks in the dog kennel in the living room.

As you can imagine, a living room was not really designed to be a chick brooder, and not one time did my mother ever complain about the noise, smell or mess, and I diligently tried to keep the shavings cleaned up and changed. Mom and Nick even helped with feeding and watering the chicks when I had to go to work. Nick became quickly attached and loved that they were his size to carry around on his own. He would carry them around, once to Dad and put it in his lap, another time to mom and put it in her lap. One night he even tried to play trucks with his little bird. The chicks did not mind a bit! Needless to say, the longer the chicks were in the living room the more petted and tamed they became.

As the beginning of February approached, the chicks were once again starting to crowd each other in the dog kennel, and I started watching the weather to see if I could potetially put them outside. It did not happen until this past Monday.

I had quite a list of things to accomplish Monday and moving the chicks outside was on it. I did not get around to that part of my day until Nick went down for his nap. The cutest thing happened when he got up… he walked straight to where the chicks had been staying for the past 2 months and started looking for his babies! Such a cute little boy, 2 years old, and the first thing he wanted to do when he got up was check on his baby chicks! I think he is going to be a little farmer! And the chicks are much more comfortable outside in the brood box, where they have plenty of room to play. I would have uploaded a current picture, but I am having trouble getting that done on my tablet. I am excited to order a camera hopefully tomorrow or Friday that will allow me to upload pictures again!


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