Shutter Cabinet

A few months ago I was at a flea market with a friend and I found a pair of old wooden shutters. I fell in love with them at once! Needless to say, they came home with me and the project began. I wanted to replace my dinosaur armoir, that I used for storage for my sewing and crafting supplies, amazing how that stuff accumulates and multiplies, with something smaller and more like the other furniture I have in my bedroom. 2 of the 3 other pieces in my room are constructed, at least partially out of pallet wood, and have a rustic, used, repurposed feel.

So I talked Mr.T. into helping me constuct a cabinet to fit the awesome shutter doors that I found. It is crazy sometimes the ideas that I come up with, but Mr.T. was up for the challenge, and after measuring and throwing around ideas, started constructing a cabinet.

First we made a frame to fit around the doors and make up the face of the cabinet. After the face frame was together, we cut plywood for the sides, top and bottom and used an air nailer with small nails, to put it together. The depth I chose was 20 inches to accommodate various totes and crates that I already use to categorize my supplies. The height ended up being 57 inches and the width 31 or 33 inches. It is a very nice size.

Once the sides, top and bottom were on and together, we cut a back out of much thinner plywood for stability. Since I wanted to add a couple shelves, we measured and cut braces for the ends and nailed them into place. I chose my shelves to be 14 inches from the top and 28 inches from the top, which cut my cabinet exactly in half, then the top shelf is half way between the middle shelf and the top of the cabinet.

The best part about this cabinet, is that I can reach each shelf and even the top of it even without a stepstool! I am super excited about that! Tomorrow I am going to get paint and tackle cleaning and painting it then get all my stuff stowed away and maybe even get rid of some more of it! I did a deep cleanout when I emptied the larger armoir, but I still can’t believe how much stuff there still is in the stack.

Special thanks, to my neighbor for going with me to the flea market, and to Mr.T for all his help putting this cabinet together! I could not accomplish much of what I do at all without the help of my great family and fabulous friends!


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