Little Moments

I have had the luxury of being on vacation this week. I enjoy my job thoroughly most days, but the past few mornings here at the farm have been wonderful. It reminds me how much I look forward to being able to spend more mornings on the farm someday.

Mornings have always been my favorite part of the day, many of my friends have thought for a long time I am crazy because of this. When I was in school, I enjoyed spending mornings in the barn before I started work, and today was no different. This morning was a little harder getting started, I was still a little stiff from yesterday, but the morning dawned clear and I had a lot I wanted to accomplish.

The promised rain for today had not started yet, so I started my morning by working both boys! I have no doubt that is the best way to start any morning! Jim wanted to play before he worked, but he completed his workout without too much complaining. Bart was full of energy also, but he made nice circles and rode pretty well. I always feel better after I ride and today was no exception.

Had a couple errands to run this morning, and decided to take Miss Millie with me! We surprised my coworker which was a lot of fun before going to the farm store and the lumber yard. When we got home, I got the coop ready and Millie came outside while I painted in the chicken coop.

I heard water splashing while I was in the barn cleaning stalls and looked out to see Millie in an old cooler that I used to use as a water trough. When she got out I dumped it, but my girl enjoyed playing in water several times today. Trying to give her a bath you would never know that she liked water!

Yesterday as dad and I were working on the chicken coop, the white duck, Bonnie, was playing in the puddle beside the barn. I watched her for several minutes dunk her head, then her tail, flap her wings, and just enjoy the water.

As I was seeding the pasture field yesterday, Millie was outside with me. She explored the treeline and the pasture field and finally ventured into Pete’s lot. I looked up to see her trotting through his area where he is turned out and I thought to myself, ‘This is going to be interesting.’ Sure enough Pete saw her and came toward her ears up, almost frollicking across the lot. As he got closer, his ears pinned back and his head came down. He did not like her in his lot at all. Millie scurried under the fence as low and as quickly as she could. I laughed as she darted under the fence.

I was thinking today, about these little moments on the farm just this week. Listening to the rooster crow while I was having breakfast the other day, the duck and Millie playing in the water, the donkey telling me I was running late getting the evening feeding started. All those moments that I do not take the time to think about, or to cherish. I loved each and every one through this week.

Part of my focus has been to make more memories, this week not only am I making more memories, but I am enjoying as many little moments as I possibly can!


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