Happy Wednesday!

Wow what a day! I always know it is a good day when I am totally bushed with a sore back. Stayed busy today and got a lot done, was even able to make memories with my Dad and made progress with Millie. My day was full, but totally enjoyed.

Millie has been having a hard time with housebreaking unfortunately. This morning she did very well and we did not have a single mess in the house all day! She spent a lot of time outside with me while I was working, but she did pretty well with listening while she was out with me. She even got to play with Pete for a minute! As he chased her across the lot where he was turned out.

The goal for today was to expanfd the chicken coop. Dad helped me, and we worked together to get it done. The coop is now 8×8 and except for paint and a roof, is totally ready for years of service. As I am writing I hear the birds singing and chattering with each other. I just enjoyed being on the farm today. While i was out working with Dad, the little white duck, Bonnie, played in a puddle down by the barn. I watched as she thoroughly enjoyed dipping her head then her body and splahing around.

Millie went out with me while I finished seeding bare spots in the field. She roamed the field and wandered in with Pete who decided would be fun to chase her. Millie did not agree and needless to say did not stay in with him long!

When dad and I were finished for the night, we came in and were eating dinner. Pete started carrying on because I was late to feed tonight. I was going to ride this evening, but worked later than I originally planned. Wonder what Pete would have said if I was another hour later?

Several things marked off my list today. Several more to accomplish before my vacation is over. Just taking one day at a time and enjoying as many little things as I can. I am looking forward to the chicks arriving tomorrow! As well as finishing the roof on the coop over the next few days and getting to ride more. So many things to enjoy!


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