Thursday Motivater

It is almost Friday!! Being close to Friday would motivate most people, but this afternoon, I have been tired and totally, comlpletely unmotivated. It is not like I do not have quite a list of things to do, but unfortunately, no motivation to get any of them done.

The weather for the next few days, maybe even a week, looks promising, so I did not feel too guilty about letting stalls go and putting off cleaning out the chicken coop for yet one more day. The sun is shining, the birds singing and the saddle calling! So what is a horse girl to do?? Saddle up of course!

Miss M came out to ride her horse today, which was wonderful motivation. I wandered down to the barn, and found her with Pete, putting his new halter on him that she made! I have the best friends! So after halter Pete and tying him to start the first of his many forthcoming lessons, we both went out to catch horses!

As ususal, Jim took a slight bribe to come in, but I decided to ride without even a saddle on him today. He felt so good, moving out and picking up his leads. I loved every second! He made nice circles, and bent nicely as we two tracked and even got a couple nice spins from him today. He was an absolute joy to ride!

The colt, even though he is almost 5 he will always be my colt, watched and nickered and that was all the encouragement I needed to bring him in! He has a really good mind and I walked up to him in the field bridle in hand and walked right back to the arena with him, but he was a little too fresh to ride bareback. I gave it a go, but before I fell off, I decided a saddle would be very beneficial. Once saddled, we went back to the arena.

He gives very nicely to pressure, and other than being slightly strung out at the lope, which we are working on, he is a dream to ride. He is so comfortable undersaddle. He is a good size and in good flesh so that when you are astride him, it just feels right. He made nice circles, two tracked, and spun, but on the rail it took him a little time to settle in. He wanted to rush and bounch verses using himself and driving with his hind end. He is stonger to the left even though he is more balanced loping to the right. When we quit, he was loping more relaxed on a much looser rein, and he was not counter bending as he was doing when we first began. He did miss his right lead twice, but was willing to pick it up when asked a second time.

I love how eager my Bart is to please his rider and work! It makes riding enjoyable and I can not wait to see what he does this season! We have been working indoors a couple times a month, and I am so excited to see what the next couple months holds for him! Reaching down and finding motivation today was so rewarding!

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