I have not considered myself lucky, although others have. I do not choose to play the lottery, or gamble, other than the football pool at work. I do not consider it gambling though, because I know I am going to loose, hahaha! Some people are very superstitious, however, I am not.

Luck is usually used to describe something good or bad that happens to us or in our lives. We relate this word to our success, establishing an emotioinal connection to it in our minds. We all know someone who swears by their lucky shirt or lucky socks etc. when I was younger, I too found confidence in myself by wearing certain shirts, jeans etc that helped me to see myself as successful in that instance. Those days are gone.

My emotional attachment is barely existant anymore especially to objects. Animals, pepole etc is a different story. But I find myself going through the endless clutter more and more as I sift through and sort out things I use verses things I do not. Luck has no part in the decision to keep something, repurpose it, donate it etc.

I am one of those crazy people that believes everything happens for a reason, even if we do not know what that reason is at the time, or if we never find out what that reason is later on. There is a conductor orchastrating our every move with a plan for our lives. He knows what choices we are going to make even before we are faced with a decision or a choice.

Some things are indeed things of chance, but I believe there is One that knows the outcome regardless of the chances or statistics. He holds the world in His hands, and loves us enough to know how many hairs are on our heads! I do not see that as luck at all.

Especially since the horse accident I had in 2008, when someone says man you are lucky. My response is, not lucky, but BLESSED! Many people were touched through that accident. Many people got the chance to watch God work yet another miracle in my life. I was BLESSED many many times over through out the whole situation.

Today celebrates a fun day with friends, family, coworkers, people in our lives and recognize Irish history and heritage among other traditions each of us keep. Too many times in my life God has intervened, too many times for me to consider it luck.  I was never real lucky at raffles, drawings etc, but I know that God has another plan for my life!


via Daily Prompt: Luck


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