Enjoying the Sunshine

This Thursday in southeastern Ohio was full of sunshine! No reason at all to stay inside as the temperatures were comfortable for me to be working outside in an old tshirt. I enjoyed it thoroughly!

I have been waiting about a week for a day like today to get a few things done outside. Granted, there are always things that need doing on a farm, but I had a couple extra things in mind for such a day as this! I donned some old clothes and decided no time like the present to jump in!

Along with the chickens and ducks that I picked up about a week and a half ago, i brought home their chicken coop. My chickens took pretty well to their new comrades, so the smaller coop has been sitting in the yard unused. It is built very sturdly, so last week I climbed in and cleaned it all out, the old manure and bedding.

The next day it started raining and there have not been very many pretty days since then, especially ones that are warm enough to get paint to dry. The wood the coop is made of is in pretty good shape, but I wanted to protect it and clean it up so that it looked better and would last many years to come. No sense letting something usable go to waste!

I purchased some white barn paint, thinner and brushes last week at the local farm store. Today I tackeld the first coat on the coop. It does not look bad at all! White is a good color for it, clean and crisp looking. It was actually easier to paint than my coop was, it was not quite 5 foot high. The height makes it harder to get in and clean, but easier to paint. The paint was not drying very quickly despite the warm temperatures and the sunshine, so one coat is all I got accomplished for today, but there are days in the near future that will be bright and beautiful and perfect for finishing the coop with a second coat.

Still a few more thing to finish this evening before I can call it quits, but it has been a very productive day and I am glad to be tackling my list one thing, and one day at a time!


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