Productivity Despite the Rain

This year the weather has been different than the traditionally expected for this time in the season. The past 2 days here in southern Ohio have brought lots and lots of rain with them. Grass is starting to come on, birds are coming out and flowers are starting to bloom, and there are predicting snow this weekend!

Yesterday I spent a good bit of the day in the garage working on the truck with Dad and Grandpa. We made several memories, and the little truck is running like a top thanks to their knowledge and experience. I put in a fairly long day and was glad when the chores were done last night.

However, the donkey and his stablemate had plans other than sleep. They decided to fight most of the night, and I ended up turning the horse out to try to go back to sleep. I did not really have much luck, but it added to my list of things to do today!

After a feedrun, I went to the local lumberyard, the employees there are very friendly and know when they see me I have a farm problem to address. I picked up supplies to build a more solid wall between the two stalls. While I got supplies, the wall did not get finished today, so they are totally separated for tonight so everyone on the farm gets some much needed rest.

This weekend was ough for several of the new birds. Sadly I lost a couple. One from being stepped on, one disappeared into the woods and yet another had a runin with the dog. That made me sad. Fortunately, I think the dog learned from the experience that is not what she was supposed to do. She does not bother any members from the original flock, so bringing new chicks onto the farm in the upcoming weeks hopefully goes better.

Proects being started is looming closer everday! Supply lists have been started and I am getting excited to dive into new things. I priced apple trees today as I have thought about getting 2. Also playing with the thoughts of meat chickens for the freezer and still tossing around the idea of honeybees…. Everything in time. One step at a time, I am growing the farm and stretching myself as I learn and expand my experiences.


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