Rainy Tuesday

Today in Ohio is rainy…. rain limits outside work, but that has lessened the desire to be outside instead of babysitting today. However, I have still gotten a few things done! Fortunately, the baby has not been very fussy and it has been a mostly pleasant afternoon.

Saturday, I brought home 3 hens, 2 silky roosters and 3 ducks. They rode home in their coop, which I also brought home. They were quite comfortable in their original home for the evening, but Sunday I helped them join the rest of the flock. Sunday night, a friend, AA, helped me unload the smaller coop as well as wrangler chickens and ducks. I could not believe it when I handed him a silky rooster and he took it to the coop. He is not a farmer and does not care much for chickens, but was willing to jump in and get the job done anyhow. Everyone spent the night inside the henhouse, with the exception of the 2 brown ducks…. they have decided to sleep outside underneath the henhouse. I keep the fence locked up for them so they are safe.

I was relieved to see them all getting along relatively well the past couple days. It has been interesting though, my original flock tends to hang together while the new comers tend to hang out among themselves. At night I am still having to gather and put the new ones in the coop, but I am hoping within a couple more days they will go in on their own. The one Guinea was even trying to make friends with several members of the new flock. I was happy to see that because I honestly figured the Guineas would be the most difficult to convince that the new birds were indeed welcome on the farm.

My small project today was washing the small kiddie pool for the ducks. So I cleaned and hosed it out, before moving it to it’s new location near the henhouse. I put some water in it, but am counting on Mother Nature the next few days are all predicted with rain. Hopefully the ducks enjoy their new home and new flockmates.

As a bit of a side note, Pete is settling in some. He has not gone out with the rest of the herd yet, as I am concerned about a few areas of fencing that will be repaired ASAP so that I can trust him to go out into the main field. I have a side lot separated off which he has enjoyed getting to know the rest of the herd while having a safe place to admire them from. He has made at least one buddy which will be good when he is turned out with the others. He also decided that the chickens are ok, and two or three of them spend most of the day in the side lot with him.

Everyday on the farm, I enjoy. Sometimes it is a little more work, but totally worth it! I can not wait to see what the next couple weeks have in store!


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