I got a surprise phone call from my Dad Wednesday when I got off work, he had been at the local auction barn, and it was sale day. I have been looking for a donkey for awhile, in the hopes of keeping coyotes and critters run off the farm and they are just so darn cute!

So, I went back to the sale barn and looked at this donkey. He looked young, and healthy. Those long ears just as cute as can be. I told Dad how much I was willing to spend and we discussed bringing him home. Mind you, I drove dad back to the barn in my little Ford Aspire hatchback. We had not planned to buy a donkey!

The little guy came through the ring, he is 2 years old, not even halter broke, and we brought him home for about 1\3 of what I was expecting. We came home and got the trailer and went back after him.

I could not believe how easily he loaded! He stepped right up on the trailer. Dad was almost disappointed, but I was relieved that it was a quick, easy process.




A friend of mine, Miss M, as I will call her on here, was so excited when I showed her what I brought. She happened to be out again today, and after generously helping me with the gate as I fed bales of hay, I asked her if she was up for trying to lead the donkey into the barn. Miss M readily agreed and I grabbed a halter, lead and panel to catch him. I used the panel to gently push him against the wall then haltered him.

Getting him out of the trailer went well… after that not so much. I decided it was a good thing he does not like mud, as that is where we stopped, at the edge of a mud puddle. Miss M and I worked together and got him almost into the barn, when he decided he would rather go play in the pasture with my horses. The little guy was small enough, he slid between the barn and the gate, Miss M and me in tow! I could not hold on to the lead rope as he squeezed between the barn and the gate much faster than I did.

It was cute to watch him trot across the field, ears up, braying to these potential friends who were not sure at all what to think of him! To make what could be a really long story, short enough to stay in a single blog post, after running through the white tape fence, and jumping the woven wire, Miss M and I guided him into the barn by using pressure on his flight zones. None of us were harmed, including the donkey.

Miss M came up to the farmhouse with me for a few minutes after we got him put where he belonged. I was talking about names and she suggested Pete, and it has officially stuck. So tomorrow Pete will go out in his little lot, with fence that he can not jump or crawl through. I am looking forward to breaking him and learning about working with long eared animals!



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