Proud of my Millie Girl

Millie and I have had a great few days! I spend the weekend in Tennessee visiting relatives. I meant to post about that experience, but my mind has been filled with other things since getting back. Life happens and tomorrow is another day, another chance.

I was worried about leaving Millie for a couple days, not that my family would not care for her, but that she would change her attitude toward me by the time I returned. We have learned a lot about Millie the past week. Firstly, spray bottles are evil! The vet told me to put iodine on a spot on her belly for 2 days, and she was avoiding me longer than that after it was done.

The thing I am the most proud of the past few days, is she has not even offered to run off. I have taken her out with me at chore time morning and evening, and again when I have been doctoring chickens, and she has stayed right with me! Quite a change from last week. When I take her out to potty, I have not even been using a leash, as when you call her she has been coming right back to where I am.

This change has brought a lot of freedom with her! I hate having to put a dog on a leash, especially out in the country and on a farm. Millie loves to go out to the barn wth me now, even making sure to check on the chickens before we go to bed. She has not chased the chickens, either, since that one day.

I have ordered an invisible fence system, so that when I am not home, there is no worry. However, after the past few days, I do not anticipate her going far.

The other big improvement i noticed last night, was she came to bed all on her own Not only are spray bottles evil, but so are space heaters! My bedroom is at the other end of the house from the wood stove, which is our only heat source outside of space heaters in a couple bedrooms. The stove does a fantastic job, but sometimes at night, the bedrooms get chilly. I fooled her one night, knowing she was afraid of it. I waited until she came to bed to turn it on, and she refused to hardly go in the bedroom for several days. She has decided that the bedroom is no longer scary, but the weather has been warmer and the heater has been off. In time I am sure she will trust me enough to be over her fear of it.

Millie has even enjoyed a road trip yesterday to look at chickens and a chicken coop, which she did very well about listening, and my amazing friends were very patient with her as she ran around the yard some. Regardless of where she was, she always came back to me, and she did not wander very far.

I can not wait to see how her personality develops and comes out over the next few weeks as she becomes more comfortable and adjusts more fully to her new life here on the farm!


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