Millie Meets Friends

Today when I got home from work, I was glad to learn that some friends would be visiting later today! After a wonderful lunch they played cards with my parents and I did some research about several things, one of which was the swollen feet on my guinea hen. More about that in a few minutes.

Millie did well with the company, she was pretty good and minded most of her manners. She knows her name, and is doing well with house breaking. She also did better about letting me wash the spot on her belly with iodine. It is clearing up and she is settling in nicely.

The best guess I can find, with what I found, is that she had a cut on her foot that has gotten infected. So now to treat her…. First I have to catch her, and fortunately for me, it was the most tame of the 4.Catching her was still a chore, and took several minutes, an old towel and cat like reflexes lol

Once I got her caught and wrapped in the towel, she did squwak. Let out a few loud beeps and then let my friend spray the medicine on her feet. In the process of catching her, one of the other Guineas got excited and knocked the light down in the coop and in her haste of running away from me, cut her foot. Now I had to catch her.

I tried and tried, but she was just running around the yard, so I let her be until she went in to roost tonight. Catching her was even harder than catching the first one. Mom was nice enough to help me once I got her wrapped in the towel. If I thought the first one was loud, this one was even louder as I carried her to the coop door and held her for Mom to spray. It was an exciting few minutes catching the girls, but with any luck handling them a little will tame them enough that next time this process will be easier.

When I took Millie out to potty after supper, she walked straight to the chicken run and made sure everything was ok, before going directly to the barn and asking to go in. A couple days ago, she wanted nothing to do with going in the barn. She has made leaps and bounds in trusting me and learning the routine here on the farm. I enjoy  having her so so much! She stil has manners to learn, but we make progress everyday!


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