Millie’s First Roadtrip

Today, I had to haul hay, and Millie enjoyed the trip to town so much yesterday, I took her with me again today. She jumped right up in the truck and took her place in the passenger’s seat. The weather here today was very nice, high 50’s I believe, so I left her window down about 2 inches for her.



She rides very quietly in the truck. I have not heard her bark even once since I picked her up. She seems to enjoy spending time with me and sofar has eagerly jumped in the truck.

Millie got to meet my grandparent’s dog Roscoe today. He is part chow and something else. They did pretty well for the few minutes they spent together in the yard. She also met my grandparent’s, which of course she liked almost instantly.

I let her out of the truck while grandpa loaded round bales for me. I watched her run behind the truck, and when she didn’t reappear, I walked around to look for her. She was coming up out of the creek! She had been playing in the water that was deeper than her belly! When she saw me coming towards her, she ran around the front of the truck and into the barn loft area. She surprised me by jumping down from there and running back around the truck again. I finished helping grandpa only to find her in the creek again. I tried to dry her off before she got back in the truck, but it wasn’t much use!


The important thing, was that Millie had fun. There was nothing wrong with her enjoying a few minutes in the creek, I just wish she would have picked another day to explore it. Now I know to expect Millie to go swimming when we go to Grandma’s house! After her not wanting to take a bath, the fact that she likes playing in the creek was quite shocking. I enjoyed watching her play, even if my truck probably smells like wet creek dog! Lol

I thoroughly enjoyed my first road trip with my little girl!I look forward to many more in the future!


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