Millie and Me

Yesterday I brought a new member into the farm family! I picked up a 6ish year old Australian Shepherd and Blue Heeler cross. She is settling in nicely so far and I am so happy to have her.


Millie has experienced several firsts since I picked her up yesterday afternoon! She had been a strictly outside dog, not anymore. She has quickly become part of the family!

Yesterday, Millie, got her first bath which was quite an experience! Millie had a bath, I had a bath and I think most of the bathroom got a bath! But, she smells better and her fur is so much softer.

She enjoyed the truck ride so much yesterday, that I took her to town with me today. We went through the bank drive through, stopped at the gas station and our local rural king! She did excellent walking on the leash and riding in the truck.

Millie originally came from a farm, and I am glad to say I think she will make a wonderful farm dog here. She checked on the chickens yesterday, but did not startle them or chase them. She simply looked in on them an continued looking over the yard.

I was a little concerned about her being housebroken, but she has done well without any messes in the house. I am very proud of her in that area. Today she even went to the door so that I would take her out again.

This evening she went out with me to do chores. I let her loose in the barn when I dropped grain and then I put her in the tack room for the few minutes it took everything to bring horses in. She did not like being in the tack room while I was not in there too. She also went with me to put the chickens in and she did very well about staying with me, on a leash, and again did not startle the chickens. It is nice having a dog that doesn’t chase them.

Millie just enjoys sitting and getting her head rubbed and her ears scratched. She has such a pleasant personality and is easy to be around. I am looking forward to many memories with her in the future!


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