Short Story: Tremble

The ride from the airport had been short. The taxi driver skillfully navigated the streets and roads that were unfamiliar to her. She was grateful to him for easily moving the car through the busy bustling streets.

“Here we are,” the driver said to her as he pulled up in front of a hospital.

She paid and thanked him before grabbing her bags and stepping onto the curb.

She easily carried her two bags into the large building and stopped at the front desk where she was given his room number and directions to the elevator. She thanked the nice receptionist and made her way to the elevator. When the doors opened, she followed the signs down several hallways.

When she finally made it to his small room, her nerves caught up with her. He was sleeping, so she set her bags as quietly as she could in the corner. She noticed her hand trembling as she released the handles. Pull it together, she told herself.

She took a deep breath and sat in a chair along the wall. She folded her hands in her lap and waited. She knew it would not be long before he woke up. As she sat there for a  few minutes in the quiet, the happenings of the previous few days hit her with full force and she felt exhausted.

She was startled several minutes later.

“You came!” he said to her from across the room.

“Of course I came. How could I not come?” She answered gently.

“I am so very glad you did!” he said as a smile lit up his whole face.

She slowly stood and walked towards the hospital bed as the nurse came in.

After brief introductions, the nurse took his vitals and started a new IV bag, filling her in while her hands tended to him.

“He came in with a pretty bad concussion,” the nurse said recording the medication on his chart. “So far his recovery from that is very good, but this leg….” the nurse continued as she lifted the thin blanket away.

The color drained from her face as her eyes fell on his calf that was swollen to nearly twice it’s size and a deep infected gash running along his shin bone for at least 6 inches.

“The infecion is responding to the antibiotcs, it just takes time,” the nurse assured her before leaving the room.

He reached out and took her trembling hand in his. “I am healing more everyday,” he said trying to reassure her with a smile.

via Daily Prompt: Tremble


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