Project: Concrete slab

Southern Ohio has seen a lot of rain recently. My temporary landscape timber keeping the water tank level was almost totally washed out. This created a slight dilema as the more rain that comes, the more dirt and soil are going to wash away, a never ending cycle. A more permanet solution was needed, and preferrably before the rain came Tuesday. Since Monday was my day off… time to jump into a solution.

After talking with my Dad, receiving some much needed and appreciated instructions, I took a trip to town to get supplies. I purchased gravel, #57s, 3 bags of sackrete, 2 2x4s and 10 stakes to support my frame. This is one of the largest projects I ever tried to tackle on my own, but no better time like the present to give it a whirl.

I took a square shovel and dug where the stock tank currently sits. I got it as level as I could. Next I measured and cut my 2x4s to make a frame 3 1/2 feet  by 2 ft. Since the front of the frame was sitting lower than the back from where that much of the dirt had washed away, I used the landscape timber as well as a 2×4 piece to help even up the frame. Once I had the frame set in place as I wanted it, I drove 2 stakes on each side to hold the boards in place.

Once I had it right, I shoveled gravel into the frame until the bottom 2×4 was covered.  It probably took a couple hundred pounds give or take. Next was the concrete.


I did not have a wheelbarrel etc that I could use, and I had successfully mixed concrete where I was going to use it before, so I grabbed a piece of chicken wire and a bag of sackrete. I poured the bag of sackrete over the gravel and dumped the water directly on top of it, mixing it with a stick until I saw no dry sackrete wherever I turned, stirred etc.


My one piece of the frame slipped after I started adding the concrete, but I think it will be ok. Being almot level is still a big improvement over what it has been.

I was warned that the concrete may crack, but for the time being it is a big improvement over what I had. I was worried since it started raining Monday night, but I was blessed that the sackrete was set up enough that it held. There is a liitle bit of the pea gravel that was washed out, but so far, so good. The frame is still around the form, even with the stocktank replaced where it belongs. I am going to make suret he concrete is set up before I think about removing the form or stakes.


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