Short Story: Recognize

Finally, she thought as she leaned back against the seat. She was on her way. Her bag checked in, her carry on stowed above her, tickets taken care of, everything was in order. She tried to relax at the thought. The thoughts that nagged at her mind would not let relaxation come in entirety.

What if it is different between us? What if he does not even want to see me? What if he does not even want to come back to this life? What if? What if?

She forced herself to stop. Those thoughts were not going to get her anywhere. She had a job to do first, and that was to get him home safely. His injuries had not been described in the phone call, but only time would tell how extensive they were.

She sighed as she allowed her thoughts to drift back to the memories they made before he left. She smiled as she rembered the trail rides through the woods, laughing, joking, teasing each other. She could only hope to make more memories like those.

The flight was not easy on her, try as she might to sleep, her mind was on over drive. Sleep evaded her as she tried to problem solve and trouble shoot for her arrival. She soon realized these thoughts were getting her no where either, but she could not help it.

Their descent to their final destination was sounded throughout the plane and she clipped her seatbelt for the landing. The pilot was skilled and set the plane easily down on the runway. She was relieved. The part of the trip she was dreading the most was over. She knew all would be worth it when she saw him.

She collected her carryon and followed the instructions of the stewardess to exit the plane. She followed the other passengers as they made their way into the terminal and collected various pieces of luggage. She located her single bag and shouldered it before making her way further into the airport.

The young lady started scanning the crowd, looking for someone she recognized, or someone to recognize her. A knot formed in her stomach as she scanned again, looking for something, anything, to let her know someone was waiting for her.

Finally, she saw the raised sign with her name on it.She took a deep breath and stepped up to the man who would take her to him. She introduced herself and prepared for her adventure in this new city.


via Daily Prompt: Recognize


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