The first thing that comes to mind is resisting temptation… if any of you out there are like me, this is no easy task. I work at a donut shop, and many customers assume that being around them all the time would make me sick of even looking at them. unfortunately this is not the case as the home made pastries are almost irresistable, especially when warm out of the frier, or dripping glaze or icing melting slowly off of them. Especially when the chocolate icing is thick on the cream filled donuts so fresh they squish when you try to lift them from the tray. Now that your mouth is watering, I will move on!

My job has changed me some, imagine that! Before working there, I seldom, if ever cussed…. Now, not so much. One of my college friends met me for lunch last week, and made the comment that I need to work on it. I took that as a wake up call, it is time to work on that habit. I need to work on resisting the temptation to cuss. It is not like I cuss excessively or use really bad words, but it is still something I hope to improve.

I do not go on spending sprees, but when I see something, especially horse tack or equipment, I have to remind myself of the plans I have made for the money I have. I am a careful spender, as I do my best to plan ahead especially with farm expenses. This upcoming spring, I know that I am going to have several expenses and I have already started planning for them, but now as I receive sale fliers for my favorite tack shops, and watch ads on my wall for things that horselovers have to have, I have to resist the temptation to spend. I have everything I need, or want! And I am perfectly happy with the decisions I make, but temptation will always be there in one way or another.

I believe the old saying, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ My goal everyday is to grow as a person, emotionally, spiritually, mentally. Growth means progress. I can not be used at my full capablilty for God’s plan if I choose to quit growing. Strength is measured in several ways, and one that I need to work on personally is resisiting. Everyday brings a new chance to shine my light brighter for His glory!

via Daily Prompt: Resist


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