January 1st, I got to listen to one of the most memorable sermons I have heard in awhile. Several really good points were made, and I was encouraged and challenged both as I begin 2017.

Many times we make resolutions that we cannot or do not keep. I am as guilty of this as anyone! Eating healthier and exercising more seem to be on my mind almost constantly, resolution or not. I usually do better for a week or two, but then same old habits resurface.

I am all about self improvement, including my attitude, working toward my goals, and sometimes even stepping out of my comfortable box. This year the resolution our assistant pastor talked of was something very reachable, very doable and very meaningful.

He suggested making our only resolution, to be closer to God January 1, 2018 than we were today. I took that as a challenge to myself, to work on my relationship with Him. I have noticed my relationship with Him changing over past years, but I think this year will be different still.

2017 has barely started and already I feel as though I have been tested in new and different ways. Honestly, I have already failed at least one or two of the tests He has given me. However, I hold on to the fact that He is still working on me! Preparing me for what He has next, equipping me with the tools and strength I need to do the next job He has for me.

Life is an interesting ride, and I honestly have no idea what is on the horizon for 2017. Talking with one of my co-workers was so encouraging as she told me what God has done for her and shown her. I think it will be a good year ahead, full of victories, promises, blessings, and hope.

Wishing you all a great 2017!


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