Chicken Saddles

I have been wanting to blog, but my thoughts have been quite jumbled lately. Many things vs on my mind, several projects, along with busy days at work. Sometimes life just gets busy.

I noticed feather Missing on Noodle as well as one other hen, originally I thought it was from the chicken killing Labrador. However it was getting worse not better. So I started researching. The verdict was that my red rooster, Roy, has been too rough with my girls! My research led me to chicken saddles, which I had never heard of before this. Pinterest to the rescue! I looked at several pins that included patterns, measurements, instructions etc. They were all basically the same, Andover that went over the back held in place by the wings.

I found a pin that included a free pattern. is where I got the pattern, but I made a few adjustments as I ten to do with any pattern.

Noodle tried to take it of initially, however she decided it was better to leave it on. The other hen, now called Doodle, had taken hers off this morning. When I put them up this evening I will put it back on her.

The adjustments I made to this, were I took information and after compiling it decided fleece was the best choice in fabric. This is a self lined/reversible saddle, so I only put interfacing, I used fairly stiff, on one half of it. Also, instead of sewing it inside out and turning it before sewing it shut, since keece does not ravel,I sewed it wrong side together and trimmed the interfacing shorter than the seam allowance. I saw where fellow chicken owners used snaps,Velcro,or just cut holes in the fleece. I elected to use Velcro. This has proven a good choice so far.

I plan to make several more of these to keep the girl protected and healthy. This wet together very quickly. And was also easy to put on. the girls seem to find them comfortable enough that are not terribly bothered by them.

Hopefully this helped someone else make the best decision for their flock! Also hope you all have a happy new year!


One thought on “Chicken Saddles

  1. letthelightinreflections says:

    That’s brilliant! My son (22) was just telling me about finding a chicken who had been viciously attacked and when the owners realized it was the rooster… it was the end of the rooster. The hen was brought into a basement and large cage to heal, which she has done. She now free roams clucking with the other girls. I will have to tell him about this.


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