Rainy Saturday

What a week it has been! In a lot of ways it seems I blinked and yet another week has passed even though another ways this week has been full and long. There never seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that needs done.

Christmas is just a few days away and I am not feeling it. Two weeks ago, I was a little excited about Christmas and looking forward to the holiday festivities and traditions. Now, I just feel like this click is ticking down and I’m not ready.

Sewing projects while several are almost done, I think I can only say that 1 of several is completed leaving numerous projects to be finished. I have not been in the mood to wrap, so as the time has come for various gifts to be exchanged I have wrapped as I have needed to and not a single thing more.

Things at the shop are even different compared to years past and I think all of it together has me in this rut. I bought Christmas cards even last week and I did fill out 1 of them, but that has been as far as I have gotten.

Crazy thing is, none of the above mentioned things make or break Christmas. While each one has a purpose, other things are more important. This is the best time of year to celebrate Jesus and not only his birth, but His salvation for us and his sacrifice. If I can get myself to focus back where I need to, on Him, then I have no doubt that everything will fall into place like it needs to.

My challenge to myself for this next week or two, but focusing heavier on the next few busy day ahead, to keep my priorities straight. To keep Jesus in Christmas and share His love with those around me. Everything else will work out, if I can just keep myself focused.


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