Chickens First Real Snow

Yesterday, here in southern Ohio, wd our first real real slow of the season. The big round flakes reminded me of something you would see in a Christmas movie! The chickens got to experience something new.


My sister, I was not home at the time, said how excited the Guineas got as they realized the sky was falling! When I got home a few of my birds were in the yard, but it did not take them long to migrate to the cozy chicken coop…. That is, all except 1, the little black hen that went missing a few weeks ago.

I discovered the little black hen while I was in the barn feeding the horses. She was hiding under Big Red. I watched as she walked to one end of the truck, looked around and meandered back to the middle, far from whatever that white stuff on the ground happened to be. I tried to shush her out gently, and we went from one of the truck to the other a few times before she made a break for the horse trailer. I was laughing as I followed her across the yard. Ultimately after a few more minutes of my insistant pushing, she did decide that the chicken coop was honestly the best place for her.

I enjoyed watching the chickens flutter and flap around the yard playing in the large snowflakes. Their enjoyment was not as much as mine, but once they were all nestled into the coop for the night they chirped contently in front of the heat lamp. These guys just crack me up when I open the door of the coop and see a hen sitting right above the heater, not enjoying at all the breeze I let into the tiny coop.

I thoroughly enjoy my chickens and it tickled me watching them play yesterday! They will have many more snowy days to enjoy in the coming weeks, and I can’t wait to watch them another day.


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