Watering The Flock

For those of you following my blog, you have watched me slowly make improvements. The chicken waterer, which I was really excited about, did not work nearly as well as anticipated. I was disappointed when the fixture going from the 1/2″ PVC pipe into my 2.5 gallon bucket leaked, so I cut it apart and my buddy helped me reseal it with silicone…. only to have it leak again a few weeks later. Not much of a leak, but a slow leak that kept the coop wet, defeating the purpose. So I brought the old waterer out that dripped while I puzzled over how to fix the problem.

I tried a different sealant on the bucket, and it still leaked, so now back to the drawing board. My buddy came up with a PVC idea, and honestly I was skeptical, unsure of how the fitting would work, but once we got it all plumbed in and together, it looked promising.


Because of the catastophic leaking before, I let everything dry over night before testing the waters with this new setup. I filled it today, and NO leaks!!! This holds just under a gallon and a half and fits in the small area in the coop even better than the bucket did! I am kicking myself and wishing that I would have just splurged for this in the first place. The pieces and parts to do this, not counting the threading tool for the 1/2″ pipe threader were around $15, and I had a few inches of the PVC, both sizes, left over.

The top cap is just sitting on, and we drilled a small hole in the top to allow the gravity feed system to work properly. The small pipe is connected to the drinking cups and the fitting that takes it into the larger pipe is threaded in. Best part of all, NO leaks!


This is a photo of the underside where the pipe runs to the horizontally mounted drinking cups.

The terra cotta pot, was an idea I read on another blog, and I made some changes. It sits directly beneath the water system to ideally keep it thawed out through the winter. I purchased a lighting kit and my buddy helped build the platform which has a hold drilled into which the lighting cord is threaded through. There is a 150 watt incandescent bulb inside which puts off heat. The birds were knocking the top off, which is just a drip pan for the terra cotta pot. The solution there was actually suggested by a regular at the shop, the plumbing strap keeps the lid on and I do not have to worry about it getting knocked off!


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