One Day At A Time

Several weeks ago, a long time family friend sang a beautiful song at my Great Grandmother’s funeral, One Day At A Time. It hit home that day and has been stuck in my head the past few in a row. This special song reminds us to ask Jesus for just one day at a time. Grandma loved the Lord, and I know she is resting in a better place, but she wanted us all to remember to take life one day at a time,and that He will be right there with us to guide us.

I have had a lot on my mind the past few days, mulling around and around over and over again. Even when I do not make the best choices, which happens more often than I care to admit, I take a moment and remind myself, there is tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day, a new chance to start fresh and make a positive impact. Another chance to make someone smile and to improve myself.

Life is full of challenges, good days, bad days, up and downs. I know that God is with me, working on me, helping me as I do my best to make each day better.  Days that I am down, God gives me many reasons to pick myself up and try again the next day.

In Jeremiah 29:11 God promises that He knows the plan He has for me. He already knows the choices I will make before I make them! His plan is better than anything I could ever come up with on my own. I just have to trust Him, which is easier said than done.

Limiting my focus to a single day makes it easier to find the good in each day. I know that life is full of seasons, and some of which we enjoy more than others, but each one will pass in time. The trick is remaining faithful and trusting in Him.

My challenge to myself has been to stay positive. Some days it is easier than others, but each day is a new chance to stay positive. That is still my challenge to myself, because by staying positive my goal is to have a positive impact on others.



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