Aa I sat in church this morning, listening to my pastor, seversl of hid piontd reslly hit home for me. This past week, we all celebrated Thanksgiving with our families and loved ones. We all know the history of this holiday, celebrating what we have been blessed with and remembering the history or our country as the pilgrims befriended Indians. This morning I was reminded of more.

Giving thanks is not a one day a year deal. We should be appreciative and grateful every day of the year. Some understand better than others the trials and hardships that others, especially in other countries face. But we are fortunate enough to live in America where we have freedoms and abundances others only dream of.

Now on a more personal note. We sang ‘Count Your Many Blessings’ this morning. A simple tune with a great message. I myself have been feeling down the past few days or so. If I would have stepped back and looked at all I have to be grateful for, by counting my blessings, I may have snapped out of my gloom sooner. God does not desire for us to be sad, but blesses us with joy and love so that we are able to share it with others.

That brings me to the thing that the pastor said that opened my eyes the most this morning. True joy comes from helping others. That is where we are going to find the most pleasure is by giving and helping others when they can in no way or means return the favor. I used to be involved in a lot more than I am now, in 4-H and other programs that allowed me to give back. I now realize it may be time to take another step in that direction.

On the flip side of that, I have several people that have given and helped me. Many of them will never read this, but being grateful is not always enough. Showing grattitude is something done on a daily basis. The biggeset way of showing it is never taking advantae of another’s generosity. I strive really hard at this. Each day in itself is a blessing, and when I am offered or given help, advice, time etc it means all that much more.

The projects I have completed, the tasks that I have done, the improvements I have made in my life, on the farm, in the barn, in the chicken coop, could not have been finished without the help I received. I need to make grattitude more of a priority on a day to day scale.


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