Productive Thanksgiving Morning

This morning, as I am sure many other did, I enjoyed the luxury of sleeping in. Even though the horses were not the happiest that they had to wait for breakfast, I received a warm welcome anyhow. The chickens enjoyed the warmer morning also as they played and fluttered around the barnyard.

After watching a few minutes of the annual parade, I headed outside to join my dad. If you have been following my blog you are already aware that my latest project is reseeding the pasture field. It has been a little over a week since I started, and dad helped with plowing. Since then, we have had to order and replace a broken spindle, dig out and hook up the disc, and then disc the whole field at least twice. My Grandpa graciously helped with the discing and I finished it. My neighbor lent me a seeder, and after we ran to get feed, helped me get it adjusted to seed the field appropriately.

This morning, Dad went out and I helped him hook the disc to the larger tractor to finish the leveling the low spot in the field, and I started seeding. It was much easier to seed in the daylight than the dark even though there was still a learning curve.

I enjoyed learning with dad this morning hands on. I learned about adjusting the disc and how it works, I also learned about the condition of the ground and optimal preparation for the seed to take best.

When we came in, family had already begun to arrive for Thanksgiving dinner, and we enjoyed visiting with them and had a wonderful meal together. Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with family. I hate it for those that had to work today to be away from their family.

Several memories were made today! That is what days like today are about. Spending time loving on your family, showing one another how much you appreciate them and making memories.

My family ended today by playing cards until I had to go out to do the evening feeding. We had fun playing cards, it was simple, but we made memories anyway. Every family has traditions and I hope that you were able to keep them with your family today!

God blessed me with a wonderful family, friends and loved ones. Today my extra blessing was a beautiful morning to finish a job and learn from my dad! I have much to be thankful for, and today was a good opportunity to think on it and appreciate it.


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