Lil Black Hen

Day before yesterday, I worked in the barn after work. I cleaned stalls and cleaned up the barn some. Most of the time I worked, the chickens were around, chatting to me, scratching in the barn and just nosing around. My little black hen was up in the loft talking to me and fluttering around. She was still in the loft when I finished my work mid afternoon.

About 3 hours later, as dusk settled, I went to put the chickens in. I count every night after losing so many. The usual count is 5 hens, 1 rooster, 4 Guineas make 10. That night I counted 4 Guineas, 1 rooster, 4 hens. So I counted again, same number. I got in coop and looked to make sure there was not a 5th hen hiding. There was not.

I was a it upset, as I quickly identified which hen was missing andrealized it was the little black one that had been playing with me in the barn only a few hours before. I started looking for her, in the barn, aound the house, even in the loft, and found nothing. What could have happened in that short of time?

My mom was nice enough to let the chickens out the next morning for me while I was at work. When I got home and let her dog out, I saw my little black hen run through the yard! She was hurrying to join the others down by the barn.

Where were you last night young lady? I asked her as she went running by. She paid me no mind whatsoever as she continued on through the yard.

She has not been late since that night. I am not sure where she slept that night, but she decided in the coop with her friends under the light was much more comforable, thankfully! My mind is at ease when all my girls and Roy are where they are supposed to be.

When my little hen came up missing, I had no doubt that something had goteen her. I had no hope or faith in any return. A friend mentioned to me that she would be back the next day. I assured them otherwise. Imagine my shock when she went running through the yard!

I am so glad my little hen returned! And grateful to my friend for enouragement even when I had no hope.


One thought on “Lil Black Hen

  1. shewrites170 says:

    I love every single letter of this article. Maybe that hen could get back because she was loved, cared for and missed. That black hen is luckiest of all. If that hen could read, she would have had tears of happiness which she never had since long.


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