Daily Prompt: Percolate

Working at a donut shop, one of several duties and responsibilities is making coffee. Naturally where I work has a super fast industrail type machine that percolates the coffe quickly. Sometimes in the rush of the morning crowd, it still is not fast enough.

As my thoughts drift to coffee percolating, the very next thing that comes to mind is patience. Waiting on the coffee to brew takes patience, especially when you are trying to hurry to machine for a customer.

Many things in life require patience, each and every day. My  parents keep foster children and many days those children, as wonderful and exciting as they are try my patience. These kids have a need, patience is required to uncover it and begin to heal it deep where it begins. However, that does not take away the challenge of being nice and kind even at the end of a day where tantums have gone on for hours. When the baby is teething and fussy, it takes patience to soothe him.

The horses are another type of patience, which for some reason I have more of when it comes to them. Patience is vital in working with them, especially the young ones that are just learning. What I find refreshing with that challenge though is the horse that tries. I find much inspiration from a willing mind especially when the horse is young.

Percolating coffee also reminds me of my younger days, when I would make coffee for Dad. He has always drank it strong and the aroma would fill the house. I remember mornings on the weekends when the coffee would be started before Dad got out of bed and I would fill his cup as we headed to a rodeo or to church.

The joke around the house has always been when the horseshoe stands up in it, you know it is strong enough. I remember trying it once… so strong it was bitter.

I am sure that many have memories involving a coffee pot, and many know how much patience it takes to get through a day. My patience grows each day and I hope that I am able to continue to grow it.

via Daily Prompt: Percolate


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