Daily Prompt: Fish

A couple years ago, my friend went squaredancing with me. He did not dance, but asked someone else to dance with me. Getting to dance that night led to one of the best friendships I have had in years.

I had not fished in years and my new found friend likes to fish, so like any good friend, I went.

Before my friend arrived, I went down the barn and scrounged up about 30 worms an about ten minutes. I turned over old pieces of wood and unused water troughs, it was not hard. I was so glad to have found so many so quick!

I grabbed my dad’s tackle box and an old fishing pole and jumped in the truck. We went to another friend’s pond and fished for a few hours. It did not take me long to remember that about 2 hours is my attention span limit when it comes to fishing! SO after that I sat on the bank and watched the lake water ripple.

I doubt I forget that first time we went to the lake. Like I said, I had not been fishing in years, since I was little. My friend had told me the fishing was really good at their lake, sunfish, bass, a few others. I cast my line out, baited with a little earthworm, and could not believe the shock when I actually caught a fish on my first or second cast!

The bass that I caught was little, it was cute. First time I ever took a fish off the hook. My square dancing partner of course caught several, various sizes and sorts. It was a nice way to spend the summer Sunday afternoon.

Another day my sister and her boyfriend joined us fishing. They caught some we caught some. All in all we had fun. This past summer I did not get to have as many days like that. Things on the farm were busier, I worked more weekends and the summer got away.

I can not change this summer, but I can look ahead and try to do better. Friends and family are so important, and so often the first things we push aside. Work is important, but so are people, relationships. It boils down to choices. I choose how I spend each day, each moment. I need to strive harder to positively impact those closest to me.


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