Plowing the Field

We decided to jump into another job on the endless To-Do list. Since we moved to the farm, Dad has wanted to plow and reseed the pasture. I made my mind up this week and got the ball rolling!

Two days ago, my friend stopped out and helped me drive T-posts to divide my pasture. Yesterday, I picked up the plow that my Granpa graciously let me borrow. Today while I was at work, Dad hooked up the plow and started on the field.

Dad tried to teach me about running the plow as I rode the old diesel Massey with him. Around and around we went talking about the field, seed, farm and tractor. I am hoping this makes a difference in pasture management next summer.

The old Massey does not have power steering, and I do not drive it well. Most jobs that require driving that tractor wait until someone  else is available to drive it. Gerdie, as we affectionately call the 65 diesel, does not always get along with me, she tends to prefer guys, and most of the time I leave her to them.

After the field is plowed the plan is to disc it before seeding the pasture seed. After seed is sown, maybe disc it in, and maybe cover with straw. Those depend on a lot of different things. Either way, hoping to have this project tied up by the end of next week. Mark one thing off the list.

In my younger days, when I competed all over all the time, my dad and my reliable shoe, Buger, spent a lot of time together. Buger has aged a lot since then, it has been 10 years since our trip to Nationals. He is older now, and grumpy a good bit. Today, mty Grandpa stopped to help Dad with the plow, then he surprised us with lunch.

We were reminded of old times as Buger did everything he could think of to get a bite of Dad’s hamburger. He even played with Grandpa as Dad took a break to eat on the tractor. It was a wonderful trip down memory lane as Buger mooched enough for Grandpa to give him part of his bun.

Those days seem like yesterday! It was so nice to revisit them even for a few minutes with my favorite horse this evening. It was so good to see a glimpse of the horse he used to be and pbviously still is!



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