Peaceful Evening

This was another productive afternoon preparing on the farm. This time, the step that was completed was setting T-posts to divide the pasture to plow and seed hopefully within the week. My friend stopped by to help drive the posts, it is  big job for someone who does not stand as tall as the posts are, and the job was knocked out pretty quickly.

After grabbing a bite to eat and picking up a Tetnas shot, I walked down to the barn. As I started down the bank, I looked to my right and saw several chickens and Guinea hens pecking and scratching. Scotch ran out of the barn to greet me and the horses were moseying around behind the barn eating grass and hay.

As I took in the sights, sounds, smells, I was struck with a peace. This little farm, I have been able to improve a little at a time, brings me so much peace and comfort.There will always be things to do, a list of projects that never ends, but this little patch brings me so much peace. Each, chicken, horse and cat is a blessing, a gift for me to care for and look after.

My animals, care for me, they are happy to see me. The chickens and Guineas cluck and chirp when I walk outside, the cats come running from whatever corner of the farm they happen to be on, and the horses respect me. I have special relationships with my horses, we work together and help heal each other.

As I was helping with the posts today, the horses moseyed over to see what we were doing. Several of them insisted on checking the posts out and enjoyed being petted and scratched before continuing on their way. The ones that I ride more often were among the first ones to investigate and come to say hello as I worked  with my friend.

Regardless of what kind of day I have had, when I come home to my horses and cats and even chickens, the stress and kaos of the day melt away. They do not judge or hold against me anything. They accept me as I am and hold nothing of themselves back. Each one is a blessing and I enjoy spending time working in the barn and field with and around them.

Hopefully you have your own happy place that helps you unwind and leave the stress of the day behind.

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