Barn Help

Today was yet another opportunity to catch up on some barn work and get a jumpstart on a small project! I felt under the weather over the weekend, and the stalls showed it unfortunately. My neighbor stopped by and offered to help strip them out! It did not take long that way.

We started working on another small project for the chicken coop. First we measured and cut boards, more on this project in another post when it is finished 🙂 A month or so ago, my friend dropped off 2 older kittens. One a butter yellow and the other an orangish tuxedo… I decided to name the yellow cat Butter and the tuxedo cat Scotch. They were inseperable! You never saw one without the other. While they had been raised around people, neither was keen on being picked up. I started slowly petting them until the would greet me in the barn for pets and scratches.

Within a short time Butter would even let me pick him up and cuddle him some, not alot, but he enjoyed being petted and rubbed. Scotch was more hesitant, but he enjoed being petted as long as you did not pick him up off the ground. Progress is progress!

Just over a week ago, Butter disappeared sadly. I miss him in the barn in the morning and evening. I brought Scotch in for a few nights and he enjoyed sleeping inside, but he started bonding with me on a different level. Now when I go outside he comes running and rubs on me! He enjoys attention and will even stand up on his hind legs resting his front paws on my leg for scratches and pets!


Today Scotch decided to help clean stalls, cut boards, build a platform, and he helps me bandage the mare’s foot every night! He has decided the barn is his and he likes it that way!

This is just one of the several animals God has blessed me with. Getting to know this little guy has been an enjoyable challenge. I get the biggest kick out of watching this guy on the farm. He follows me everywhere, to the chicken coop, during chores, he has definitely decided that being barn help is right up his alley!

Photo credit to my friend Mark.


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