It has been several days since my last blog post. There has been a good bit going on the past few days, and trying to decide what to write about has been a challenge enough. I even opened the page to write the other day, but my mind was racing too much to get the words on the page.

Even tonight they are shlow in coming. Today I got to spend a wonderful mornig with my grandfather. I so enjoy that! He is so patient teaching me and letting me learn even a little bit about working on vehicles. Today we replaced a wheel bearing and changed the oil and he adjusted the clutch before he called it good. My help was limited, but I helped operate the press to change the bearing, greased it, handed tools and hooked and unhooked air tools. I doubt I could repeat the process on my own, but it was great to spend time with Grandpa and be able to learn a little bit about how the car works and how to work on it.

Over the weekend I got to take  big step for myself. I have not picked up a firearm in years. At least 6. When I was younger I shot a rifle with my dad fairly often. Often enough I was comfortable with it. When I shot a shotgun previously, I did not like it and have not picked up any type of firearm since. I am not against firearms, but I understand their use and importance.

Several things have happened on the farm lately with coyotes etc that have required monitoring. Dad even scared them off the other night. Unless dad was here, I was limited on what I could do without much knowledge of the firearms. My dad took me to a firing range and taught me about several of his firearms. I got to shoot and learn about a shotgun, a rifle and several handguns. Safety is of utmost importance and the first priority in such a case.

It will take more lessons before I can say I am comfortable with firearms again like I was before. But I pushed myself to take that first step and get the ball rolling. Someday I hope to be self sufficient, and that includes watching out for my horses. Opossoums, coons, etc can not be left in the barn.

The biggest part for me was being able to push myself enough to step up and learn. I was able to step out my comfort zone and grow as I learned about handling firearms properly. I hope that inspires you enough to step out of your comfort zone and face something that limits you!

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