Almost everyday things that happen at work, surprise and inspire me! I was going to share this yesterday, and got too busy doing other things.

Yesterday a guy and lady came into the shop, they were from different churches and explained to my coworker and I that they wanted to bless people today by buying their donuts. So my coworker and I waited on customers, and these compassionate people stepped in front of them and paid their bill before they even had a chance to offer payment. What amazed me about both of them, they never a single time put a limit on those they bought donuts for even encouraging them to get more!

I do not even know how many donuts or how many customers they blessed. I lost track very early on. The beauty of it was, there was no need to keep track, of the money they spent or the number of people they helped. They did not put a limit on their giving, asI am guilty myself of doing.

The best part was when the gentleman asked about a specific problem, one of my coworkers had been dealing with, a coworker that was not even working at the time he was in the shop. He let the Holy Spirit use him to touch not only the other customers, but even my coworker! God is so good!!

When I recounted my conversatoin with my coworker later when she came in, she admitted that the knee trouble that had been mentioned had not bothered her that day!! It was a wonderful moment! The spirit was with us even in the donut shop for a few minutes!

God reminded me of several things yesterday. First, that He wants our compassion and generosity to be given freely and without reservation. I struggle with this myself everyday…. everyday! Second, that it is absolutely amasing how bright a little light shines in a dark place. Truthfully I am not sure how many that come into the shop are Christians, or other religions. Many come in tired, almost weary from their daily struggles. So many faces were brightened, and many many days were made, not to mention lives touched by those 2 that came into the shop. Their generosity extended further than just the customers they interacted with. Several of the orders that went out were going to schools or workplaces. These locations also got to see their work.

I was so blessed and inspired by these two. My challenge to myself for the next few days is to not only brighten others’ day, but to have compassion and generosity for others throught the day. I challenge you to do the same!


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