Simple Cassette Player

My coworker and I work many hours every week together. We love to turn the radio on and jam to pass the time as well as entertain the customers and each others. We even have regular customers that come in just to see what we are up to!

I am what most could consider old school especially considering my age. I am a sucker for country music, especially classic country from the 70s-90s. The radio stations locally play mostly the new hits and she was telling me about her collections of classic country music, including but not limited The Judds, George Jones, Conway Twitty the list goes on. She was telling me that she did not have a cassette player any longer to play them on, so what was I to do?

I found one! And the first time I got it all rigged up, i discovered a loose wire limits the speaker, but after messing with it a little, we were able to enjoy country classics all morning! We jammed and danced away!

I could not believe how stunned people were at the tunes we were playing and singing to, and the sheer shock when they discovered that the youngest employee in the shop brought in the cassette player! I enjoyed watching them laugh and say over and over again a cassette player? Many great conversations were started this morning.

We thoroughly enjoyed the simple cassette player this morning and we will for many more more mornings to come! Everyone being shocked and stunned realized how much our world has changed. Simplicity has been lost for most. Oddly enough it is the simple things that I personally enjoy the most.

Just as I rediscovered the pleasure of simplicity this morning, I hope you find the time and are willing to take it to enjoy the simple things, a cassette player, a classic song that used to be your favorite, a real phone conversation. Build real relationships with those around you. That is what is important. Those around you and those you care about. So many smiles were made today with an old cassette player, probably originally from the 70s or 80s, and we enjoyed every minute of it this morning!


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