Enjoying the Evening

I got the opportunity to ride my big sorrel for a few minutes yesterday afternoon. He did so welll, that I saddled him up again this evening.

The weather here in southern Ohio was absolutely gorgeous. It was a cool evening without being cold. It made riding very enjoyable as the sun was shining without the air being chilly.

After riding last night, Jim actually wanted to be ridden again today! He was easy to catch in the field, was easy to saddle, and actually took the bit out of my hand. He was so eager to respong this evening. He has had almost 3 weeks off, which I hate to admit. The season for me has wound down, and I have had a busy couple weeks. Nonetheless my buddy was eager to play with me today.

I switched saddles on Jim, and the better fitting equipment freed up his front end so much! His movement was fluid and flowy. I am so proud of him!

After I rode Jim tonight, I saddle Bart up. His foot has healed nicely. It is waiting on hair to regrow, but the skin is pulled back together. I have been careful with treating the laceration and was excited to be able to ride him again. It has been several weeks since his injury and I have been anxious to ride. I missed my colt.

I was so proud of the youngster! Everything I asked him tonight, he did the first time I asked, even picking up his right lead, as his left is by far his favorite. He two tracked, stopped, backed. All of it without resistance at all! I was on cloud 9 as I exercised the colt and played with what we worked on over the summer.

I have said all of that to say this, take time to enjoy life. I am guilty of getting caught up in the hustle and bustle myself, but when I take a little time for myself, and enjoy my horses, I always come away feeling better. Tonight my confidence in myself gre w in the hourish that i spent in the arena. I am going to challenge myself to continue riding more thorugh the fall and into the winter. My stress level is lower when I ride, that will be beneficial throughout the whole year, not just the summer.

Hopefully me sharing my thoughts about enjoying the pretty evening encourages you to find even a few minutes to enjoy your hobby or season as the leaves change and bonfires begin to happen. You will never get this day back. I try to make the most of each day I am blessed with. That is my choice, and my choice alone. I chose tonight to go ride and enjoy the horses and the pretty evening. I hope that you find time to enjoy yourself this fall too.

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