For the past few weeks, evertime I hear a sermon or sermonette it has been on promises and trust. Several times when the radio comes on the past few weeks it has played the song “I will Trust In You” and I am sorry I do not even know the gifted artist that sings it.

Learning to trust God is difficult to learn. It is something I am still working on, but it grew a bit today.

I was upset over my chickens last night. I had a hard time sleeping and so I prayed. ai asked God what I was supposed to do. Ironically, Bible Study that I went to last night was about Daniel and how he resolved. I did not want to resolve. I hate to admit that, but I was very frustrated and upset and I did not want to resolve anything.

I did not take any drastic measures, I have been angry today, and upset as I searched for a solution. I was even telling my mom that I was aggrivated about the lesson last night because I did not want to resolve anything and that I did not want to be the peace maker this time. I continued to search for a solution even researching building chicken runs and trying to figure out the best way to go about it.

God solved the whole situation with one text this afternoon! I am so relieved that He put a solution in place even before I asked. All I had to do was trust him!  If I would have trusted Him from the beginning I am betting that my mind would have been settled last night, I would have gotten a good night’s sleep and things would have worked out the same way.

I forgot that He holds me in His hand and is bigger than ANY situation that arises!God had a plan all I had to do was TRUST Him!



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