Daily Prompt: Realize

Today I got to go on a small adventure! I found some hay on the internet yesterday and today I went with a friend to pick it up. Reading all those crazy stories about craigslist on the internet makes you realize that sometimes, going alone is not the best option.

I have been driving my Ford Aspire, affectionately named ‘Matilda’ or’Tildy’ for about a year and a half. I purchased ‘Big Red’ a Ford F-250 super duty a few months before that. Tildy is my daily driver and gets me to and from work. When it is time to work, like hauling hay today, Big Red steps up to the plate.

Big Red has been sitting more, and running a little rough because of it, she likes to be driven. I only drive Big Red about once a week, give or take due to shows, getting feed, hauling hay etc etc. I pulled her around today and she was running pretty well as she got a little work out Tuesday.

My brave friend did not say one word about my driving, even when I ran over a few rumble strips on the interstate. Big Red feels very wide compared to lil Tildy and it took me a few minutes to adjust my position in the lane. Big Red did not let me down though!

My friend was nice enough to help me unload the hay, even stacking it in the barn. Next loomed the biggest feat of the day for Big Red, pulling herself up the steep bank to get out of the barn lot. I dropped the older truck in gear and started up the bank. We went about ten feet and started spinning on the hard ground. Fortunately it was not wet, otherwise we may have been stuck. I backed up and eased the accelerator back down gently. She made it almost to the top of the bank before she started spinning this time. We made it the rest of the way back into the driveway without having to back down the bank a second time.

Realization can be a real eye opener. Today I had to regroup twice as I realized, first that Big Red was wider than Tildy and two that to get up the bank I had to start slow. I have been in these situations before, and just needed to remind myself that the car and the truck are different.


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